Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill-Solo (MS-023)

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Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill-Solo (MS-023)

"The music is mellower and warmer than most of Andrew’s prior recorded work, even his previous solo albums. It reflects his state of mind, his environment and his life at that particular point in time." - Michael Cuscuna, liner notes
Limited Edition: 5000 copies

3 CDs -  $44.00


From California With Love

When Blue Note released Andrew Hill's label debut Black Fire in March 1964, the jazz community immediately recognized a fresh new voice as bold and distinctive as Thelonious Monk or Herbie Nichols. For the next six years, Hill applied his singular compositional skills to a variety of settings from trio to nonet, even incorporating quartets with string quartets and quintets with six-voice choirs.

So much of Andrew's prime Blue Note recordings had depended on and been written for the interaction of empathetic improvisers, that his first solo recordings Hommage and Live At Montreux, both from 1975, came as a surprise to even his most die-hard fans. Those experiences whetted his appetite for more.

Living in a small Bay Area bedroom community, he began playing a lot of solo concerts at Arts Centers up and down the West Coast. In August and October 1978, he made three trips to the Fantasy Recording Studio in Berkeley for lengthy solo piano sessions. Two extended pieces were issued on the Artists House LP From California With Love. That album quickly became a collector's item when the label folded. Meanwhile over two hours of solo piano music by Andrew remained in the can until Mosaic discovered the session tapes in Hawaii. Now the complete sessions are gathered in this Select.

Hearing a great pianist/composer in solo setting is like eavesdropping on the thought processes of a restless, creative mind. Unfettered by other instruments and input, the artist is free to go wherever his inner logic and imagination take him. Like Thelonious Monk and Randy Weston among others, Andrew Hill's most revealing and fascinating creations are often those made alone at a piano.

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There's some fancy noodling here. Takes some time to get your noodle around it. Bright guy . . .
Long tracks of deep, subtle music. I agree it takes a lot more than one listen to absorb this level of playing. An amazing collection of solo piano work.
  Simply stunning
This is truly superb. As another reviewer writes, these selections may not be immediately gratifying--but over the course of several auditions this music insinuates itself gradually until you're enthralled. There's no humming along to these songs, they just have to be absorbed. I came late to Andrew Hill. Shame on me.
  RIP, Mr. Hill
A sad day for jazz.
  Entrancing, necessary
For those of us, like me, who thought that Hill's solo work is inferior to his ensemble playing, this set serves as a necessary corrective. Having owned "From California" for years, I can also tell you that the additional material is not only great, but serves to frame Hill's solo style incredibly effectively. This is subtle music that builds its power slowly and very deliberately. It didn't immediately grab me like, say, Black Fire. Instead, its beauty seeps in and hooks the listener over the course of the set. I listened to the whole thing in one night, and rather than grow restless, I was completely beguiled.
  A great find for Mosaic!
This 3-cd set pretty much collects all the 1978 solo recording sessions Andrew Hill did at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. I can't believe most of these tracks never saw the light of day until now! So for those who're curious about Hill's output during this time are gonna be in for some really fine listening. My only real gripe (if one can even call it that-lol) is that tracks 1 and 2 of disc 3 weren't transferred from the original master tape since it seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, but whatever source they did use I could hardly tell the difference between those two and the other tracks that did come from the actual session tapes. Overall, this set will probably rank among the best Mosaic Select releases ever conceived. It's also wonderful to see Hill's work getting the proper respect and recognition it so truly deserves. BRAVO MOSAIC!!!!
Once again, this is great material from Mosaic Records. My 9th Select Box and they all go for the 5 stars. And yet, they're all special and unique in some way. Top, best wishes from Alkmaar, Netherlands
  From Tokyo with Love
“From California with Love”is one of my favorites about Hill's recordings.But it has never been reissued.It is a great Xmas present for me to have this BOX ! Now,I am going to get it at Tokyo's CD shop .
  Wonderful news
As a long devoted fan and scholar of Andrew Hill (I wrote a thesis on him way back when), I can only say please keep reissuing this stuff. Andrew's music always reminds me that life is so GREAT!
  Oh, wow. This is SUCH great news.
Have not heard this new set yet, but I'm familiar with some of the solo Hill stuff that it'll be collecting. Very excited to obtain this one. Hot damn! Exactly the sort of reissue-as-rescue-mission that Mosaic excels at. Thank you! You guys are doing such wonderful work. Keep it up.

Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill-Solo (MS-023)
Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill-Solo (MS-023)
Limited Edition: 5000 copies
3 CDs - $44.00

Customer Reviews:

"This is subtle music that builds its power slowly and very deliberately. It didn't immediately grab me like, say, Black Fire. Instead, its beauty seeps in and hooks the listener over the course of the set. I listened to the whole thing in one night, and rather than grow restless, I was completely beguiled."
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