The Clifford Brown & Max Roach Emarcy Albums (4 LPs)(#3004)

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The Clifford Brown & Max Roach Emarcy Albums (4 LPs)(#3004)

"Brown’s solos, which marry the technical mastery of Dizzy Gillespie, the melodic flow and big sound of Fats Navarro, and a determined optimism all Brown’s own, became touchstones for a generation of young trumpeters; but Roach’s contributions are equally important and made a similar impact." - Bob Blumenthal, liner notes
Limited Edition: 2500 copies

4 LPs (180 gram) -  $100.00


Pioneers Of Hard Bop

In 1954, months before the Jazz Messengers, spearheaded by Art Blakey and Horace Silver, formed serendipitously at a Blue Note recordings session, Max Roach was forming his own quintet with Clifford Brown in Los Angeles. It would become the first defining group in the music that would soon be known as hard bop.

There was some trial and error in landing on the perfect combination of players. But by August, the group's line-up with Harold Land, Richie Powell and George Morrow and a major label deal with Emarcy Records were secured. Four marathon sessions that month yielded "Brown And Roach Incorporated" and most of the second album "Clifford Brown And Max Roach."

What was immediately striking was the fresh sound of the quintet. The remarkable empathy within the group, the careful selection of material and the exciting arrangements by Powell all contributed mightily to that sound. Clifford Brown had come into his own as composer as "Sweet Clifford," "Joy Spring" and "Daahoud" demonstrate. It didn't hurt that Roach and Brown were complete originals and among the greatest performers on their instruments.

Six months later, the ensemble went into the studio to cut 11 gems, two of which were used to complete "Clifford Brown And Max Roach" while the rest formed the third album "Study In Brown." Their growth as a band is evident and, by this time, Powell and Land were also composing for the group.

In late 1955, Harold Land left the quintet for personal reasons. Roach recruited Sonny Rollins, who was available and at the top of his game. The chemistry between Rollins and Brown was immediate. In January and February 1956, they cut the quintet's final album "At Basin Street" which was actually a studio album. On fact, it was stunning studio album from any point of view.

On June 26, 1956, a car accident took the life of Brown and Powell, bringing this brilliant ensemble's legacy to a close. Brown had done many side projects for Emarcy in those two years, but it is the four albums by the quintet that have had the most enduring influence on successive generations of jazz artists. In the words of liner note writer Bob Blumenthal, "the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet created one of the very greatest string of small-group recordings in jazz history, worthy of consideration alongside the Hot Fives and Sevens of Louis Armstrong and the quintets of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis."

Mosaic has returned to the original analog masters of these four seminal albums and remastered them and pressed them on 180-gram vinyl at the renowned Record Technology Inc. plant in Camarillo, California. The booklet boasted a great essay by Bob Blumenthal and a wealth of photographs by Chuck Stewart and Francis Wolff.

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  Mosaic does it again
The music from this set just spins off my turntable and fills my room with the sound of a jazz band in it's prime. The give and take between Brown and Roach is amazing and the pressings on vinyl are as quite as a church mouse. Thanks Mosaic for getting back into the vinyl ranks again because the one thing I worry about when I purchase records today is the lack of quality control. Over the years I have purchased over a dozen Mosaic Vinyl box sets and I never had that problem with you guys but it's about the music and the music on this set is amazing.
  Clifford and Max get the royal treatment from Mosaic
I just listened to this excellent box set. The music is obviously top notch and essential for any jazz fan. The sound, though, was amazing. You could hear all the subtleties in Max's drum playing and Clifford's trumpet had a perfect combination of bite and warm sweetness. I also appreciate you keeping the order of songs from the original albums, preserving the original experience of hearing these albums. The flow from song to song is part of what make these great to listen to. Excellent job, guys! Keep the vinyl coming! I want more!

The Clifford Brown & Max Roach Emarcy Albums (4 LPs)(#3004)
The Clifford Brown & Max Roach Emarcy Albums (4 LPs)(#3004)
Limited Edition: 2500 copies
4 LPs (180 gram) - $100.00

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