The Complete Benedetti Recordings of Charlie Parker (#129)

Major Historical Discovery

Let us make no mistake about it: the recordings in this collection represent one of the major historical discoveries of this century. Imagine the excitement that would greet the sudden appearance of the lost Monteverdi operas, several unknown paintings by Van Gogh, or a large batch of literary manuscripts and correspondence presumably destroyed according to the instructions of a celebrated author at the time of his death. Imagine that and you will begin to gauge the importance of Benedetti’s Parker recordings.

Charlie Parker’s contributions to the music of the spheres are preserved within the brief period of fourteen years (1940-1954). During that time he established himself as one of jazz’s central figures (arguably its pre-eminent improvising soloist) and, in so doing, further solidified jazz’s stature among twentieth century arts. No other jazz musician has so gripped the imagination of fellow artists and laymen alike – his reputation fueled not only by the brilliance of his music, but also by the colorful and occasionally lurid saga of his personal life. Given Parker’s undeniable importance, any new find would be cause for rejoicing. But the sheer quantity of the Benedetti material, coupled with its superb musical quality, is simply staggering. – Jim Patrick, liner notes

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