The Complete Django Reinhardt HMV Sessions (#190)

Romantic, Yet Technically Brilliant.

Django was explosively egotistical, a careless and carefree gambler, but a generous charmer as well. Musically, he was gifted in a way that seldom has been seen before or since these classic recordings were made.

Born into a troupe of gypsies in Belgium and raised outside Paris, this son of a traveling entertainer was working professionally at the age of 12. At 18, an event marked him, and his career, for life: a caravan fire that robbed him of the use of two of his fretting fingers. While tragic, it forced him to develop a style of playing that was his alone.

Intensely rhythmic, remarkably nimble even for a musician with full capacity, Django in later years developed into a soloist who played with an emotional fervor and romanticism that is common in the folk music of his ancestry.

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