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The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions (#181)

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The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions (#181)
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(A) Hank Mobley (ts), Horace Silver (p), Doug Watkins (b), Art Blakey (d).

March 27, 1955

tk 2 Walkin' The Fence (alt tk) (J)CJ28-5128

tk 3 Walkin' The Fence BLP 5066

tk 5 Avila And Tequila -

tk 6 Hank's Prank (alt tk) (J)CJ28-5128

tk 8 Hank's Prank BLP 5066

tk 10 Just Coolin' -

tk 12 My Sin -

tk 14 Love For Sale -

(B) Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan (tp), Hank Mobley (ts), Horace Silver (p), Paul Chambers (b), Charlie Persip (d).

November 25, 1956

tk 2 Double Whammy BLP 1540

tk 3 Barrel Of Funk -

tk 4 Barrel Of Funk (alt tk) previously unissued

tk 6 Mobleymania BLP 1540

tk 7 Touch And Go -

(C) Hank Mobley (ts), Milt Jackson (vbs), Horace Silver (p), Doug Watkins (b), Art Blakey (d).

January 13, 1957

tk 2 Reunion BLP 1544

tk 3 Lower Stratosphere -

tk 4 Don't Walk -

tk 6 Ultramarine -

tk 7 Mobley's Musings -

note: In the Cuscuna/Ruppli Blue Note discography, a possible alternate take of Ultramarine (take 5) is listed. But no tape exists for this item.

(D) Hank Mobley (ts), Art Farmer (tp), Horace Silver (p), Doug Watkins (b), Art Blakey (d).

March 8, 1957

tk 1 Wham And They're Off BLP 1550

tk 4 Wham And They're Off (alt tk) (Du) 1A158-83385/8

tk 5 Funk In Deep Freeze (alt tk)

tk 6 Funk In Deep Freeze BLP 1550

tk 7 Startin' From Scratch -

tk 8 Stella-wise -

tk 9 Base On Balls -

tk 10 Fin De L'Affaire -

note: All titles issued on the CD version of this album (B2-46816)

(E) Donald Byrd (tp), John Jenkins (as), Hank Mobley (ts), Bobby Timmons (p), Wilbur Ware (b), Philly Joe Jones (d).

April 21, 1957

tk 2 Easy To Love BLP 1560

tk 3 Fit For A Hanker -

tk 4 Hi Groove Low Feedback -

tk 7 Time After Time -

tk 9 Dance Of The Infidels -

(F) Bill Hardman (tp), Curtis Porter (Shafi Hadi) (as, ts), Hank Mobley (ts), Sonny Clark (piano), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (d).

June 23, 1957

tk 2 Mighty Moe And Joe (alt tk) (Du) 1A158-83391/4

tk 2/3 Mighty Moe And Joe BLP 1568

tk 5 News -

tk 6 Bags' Groove -

tk 8 Double Exposure -

tk 10 Falling In Love With Love -

note: The original mono master of Mighty Moe And Joe was take 2 with the trumpet and tenor solos from take 3. The unedited take 2 was issued in stereo on Box 3 of 40 Years Of Jazz - The History Of Blue Note. It was also issued on the first stereo CD release of this album, (J) TOCJ-1568. That CD is also missing the insert ending for Double Exposure.

(G) Kenny Dorham (tp), Hank Mobley (ts), Sonny Clark (p), Jimmy Rowser (b), Art Taylor (d).

August 18, 1957

tk 5 My Reverie BN (J) 61006

tk 6 Curtain Call -

tk 9 On The Bright Side -

tk 10 The Mobe -

tk 11 Don't Get Too Hip -

tk 12 Deep In A Dream (no tp) -

(H) Art Farmer (tp), Hank Mobley (ts), Pepper Adams (bari), Sonny Clark (p), Paul Chambers (b), Philly Joe Jones (d).

October 20, 1957

tk 3 Gettin' Into Something GXF (J) 3066

tk 4 Tune Up -

tk 6 Poppin' -

tk 8 East Of Brooklyn -

tk 12 Darn That Dream -

(I) Lee Morgan (tp), Hank Mobley (ts), Wynton Kelly (p), Paul Chambers (b), Charlie Persip (d).

February 9, 1958

tk 2 High And Flighty (alt tk)

tk 3 High And Flighty BLP 1574

tk 4 Stretchin' Out (alt tk)

tk 5 Stretchin' Out BLP 1574

tk 6 Peckin' Time -

tk 10 Git-Go Blues -

tk 11 Speak Low -

tk 12 Speak Low (alt tk)

all titles issued on the CD version of this album (B2-81574)

Album index:

BLP 5066 The Hank Mobley Quartet

(J)CJ28-5128 CD reissue of above

BLP 1540 Hank Mobley Sextet

BLP 1544 Hank Mobley And His All-Stars

BLP 1550 Hank Mobley Quintet

B2-46816 CD reissue of above

BLP 1560 Hank

BLP 1568 Hank Mobley

(J) BN 61006 Curtain Call

(J) GXF 3066 Poppin'

BLP 1574 Peckin' Time

B2-81574 CD stereo reissue of above

Original sessions produced by Alfred Lion

Produced for release by Michael Cuscuna

Executive producer: Charlie Lourie

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey

Recording engineer: Rudy Van Gelder

Sessions A-E are mono. Sessions F-I are stereo.

Mastered by Ron McMaster using 20-bit Super Bit Mapping

All photographs by Francis Wolff

Design direction: Richard Mantel

Design production: InkWell, Inc.

Masters courtesy of Blue Note Records, a division of Capitol Records, Inc.

(p)1998 EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets. Product of EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets, 1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028. Inauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

(c)1998 Mosaic Records L.L.C., 35 Melrose Place, Stamford, CT 06902. All rights reserved.

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