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The Bing Crosby CBS Radio Recordings (1954-56) (#245)

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The Bing Crosby CBS Radio Recordings (1954-56) (#245)
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1. If I Give My Heart To You (A) 3:23


2. Mandy (A) 1:39

            (Irving Berlin)

3. Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep (A) 2:52

            (Irving Berlin)

4. I'm A Fool To Care  (A) 2:52

            (Ted Daffan)

5. Hey There (A) 3:04

            (R. Adler-J. Ross)

6. Anyone Can Fall In Love (A) 2:56

            (S. Cahn-D. Holt)

7. I Need You Now (A) 3:06

            (A. Jacobs-J. Crane)

8. I Want To Be Happy (A) 1:48

            (I. Caesar-V. Youmans)

9. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now (A) 2:06

            (F. Waller-A. Razaf)

10. But Not For Me (A) 2:20

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

11. Honeysuckle Rose  (A) 2:25

            (F. Waller-A. Razaf)

12. The Nearness Of You (A) 2:06

            (N. Washington-H. Carmichael)

13. Ain't Misbehavin'    (A) 2:12


14. Just You, Just Me   (A) 2:08

            (R. Klages-J. Greer)

15. Once In A While (A) 3:39

            (M. Edwards-B.Green)

16. You Took Advantage Of Me (A) 2:29

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

17. Ol' Man River (A) 2:18

            (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein II)

18. Thou Swell (B) 1:46

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

19. S Wonderful (B) 1:46

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

20. Oh, Look At Me Now (B) 1:30

            (J. Bushkin-J. DeVries)

21. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (B) 2:32

            (Irving Berlin)

22. All Through The Night (B) 2:58

            (Cole Porter)

23. Taking A Chance On Love (B) 2:01



1. We're In The Money (The Golddiggers' Song) (B) 1:39

            (A. Dubin-H. Warren)

2. This Can't Be Love (B) 1:28

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

3. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (B) 1:24

            (C. Gaskill-J. McHugh)

4. Love Is The Sweetest Thing (B) 2:01

            (Ray Noble)

5. Back In Your Own Backyard (B) 2:13


6. I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan (B) 2:30

            (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz)

7. Don't Take Your Love From Me (B) 2:55

            (Harry Nemo)

8. You’re In Kentucky Sure As You’re Born    (B) 1:57

            (B. Jones-E. Hare)

9. Young and Foolish    (C) 3:05

            (A. Horwitt-A. Hague)

10. My Own True Love (Tara’s Theme) (C) 3:02

            (M. David-M. Steiner)

11. Sunday (C) 1:42


12. That's All I Want From You (C) 2:22

            (M. Rotha)

13. Unsuspecting Heart (C) 3:07


14. A Man Chases A Girl (C) 2:56

            (Irving Berlin)  

15. Melody Of Love (C) 1:23

            (T.Glazer-H. Engelmann)

16. Darling, Je Vous Aime, Beaucoup (C) 3:11

            (Anna Sosenko)

17. How Important Can It Be? (C) 2:17

            (B. Benjamin-G. Weiss)

18. I Hear Music (D) 1:38

(B. Lane-F. Loesser)

19. As Long As I Live (D) 2:13

            (H. Arlen-T. Koehler)

20. Try A Little Tenderness (D) 3:33


21. What Is There To Say? (D) 2:38

            (E.Y. Harburg-V. Duke)

22. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (D) 2:36


23. Danger! Heartbreak Ahead (D) 3:26

            (E. Lindeman-C. Stutz)


1. In A Little Spanish Town (E) 2:12

            (Lewis-Young-Wayne  )

2. It's A Most Unusual Day (E) 1:55

            (H. Adamson-J. McHugh)

3. Unchained Melody (E) 2:46

            (H. Zaret-A. North)

4. Something's Gotta Give (E) 1:59

            (Johnny Mercer)

5. I Belong To You (E) 3:07

            (A. North-J. Brooks)

6. Keep It Gay (E) 1:44

            (R/ Rodgers-O. Hammerstein II)

7. Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight (E) 3:18

            (Lewis-Young- Jerome)

8. You Do Something To Me    (E) 1:24

            (Cole Porter)   

9. Nice Work If You Can Get It (F) 1:47

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

10. How Long Has This Been Going On? (F) 2:44

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

11. ‘Deed I Do (F) 1:58

            (W. Hirsch-F. Rose)

12. Cocktails For Two (F) 3:00

            (A. Johnston-S. Coslow)

13. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (F) 1:59

            (H. Arlen-T. Koehler)

14. How Am I To Know?  (F) 2:48

            (J. King-D. Parker)

15. I Get A Kick Out Of You (F) 2:26

            (Cole Porter)

16. I See Your Face Before Me (F) 2:51

            (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz)

17. The Lady Is A Tramp (F) 2:00

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

18. I'm Yours (F) 3:16

            (E.Y. Harburg-J. Green)

19. Get Happy (F) 2:15

            (H. Arlen-T. Koehler)

20. My Ideal (F) 3:03


21. Gypsy In My Soul  (F) 2:05

            (C. Boland-M. Jaffe)

22. That's The Way Love Goes (F) 2:02



1. I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again (G) 1:59

            (Harry Woods)

2. It's All Right With Me (G) 3:46

            (Cole Porter)

3. Serenade In The Night (G) 3:34

            (C. A.  Bixio-B. Cherubini-J. Kennedy)

4. Wake The Town And Tell The People (G) 2:29

            (S. Gallop-J. Livingston)

5. She's Funny That Way (G) 3:31

            (R.Whiting-N. Moret)

6. If I May (G) 2:46

            (R. McCoy-C. Singleton)

7. Domani (Tomorrow) (G) 2:30

            (T. Velona-U. Minucci)

8. I'll Never Stop Loving You (G) 3:04

            (S. Cahn-N. Brodszky)

9. Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Mary Lou (G) 2:55

            (Edith Lindeman)

10. Love Me Or Leave Me (G) 2:20

            (G. Kahn-W. Donaldson)

11. (You Gotta Have) Heart (G) 2:35

            (R. Adler-J. Ross)

12. Swanee (G) 2:03

            (I. Caesar-G. Gershwin)

13. Shhh In Madrid (G) 2:25


 14. Avalon (H) 1:40

            (A. Jolson-V. Rose)

15. Blue Star  (The Medic Theme) (H) 2:54

            (E. Heyman-V. Young)

16. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (H) 2:59

            (P.F. Webster-S. Fain)

17. The Tender Trap (I) 3:07

            (S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen

18. My Blue Heaven (I) 2:20

            (G. Whiting-W. Donaldson)

19. What Is This Thing Called Love? (I) 2:19

            (Cole Porter)

20. When I Take My Sugar To Tea (I) 2:57


21. Someone You Love (I) 3:21

            (Stephen Michael)

22. Avalon Town (I) 2:08

            (G. Clarke-N. H. Brown)

23. There Should Be Rules (I) 2:48



1. New Sun In The Sky (I) 1:39

            (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz)

2. Love And Marriage (I) 2:20

            (S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen)

3. Merci Beaucoup (I) 2:30


4. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (J) 1:47

            (H. Creamer-J.T. Layton

5. Waitin' For the Evening Mail (J) 2:35

            (Billy Baskette)

6. Isle Of Capri (J) 2:54

            (J. Kennedy-W. Grosz )

7. I Feel A Song Comin’ On (J) 1:21


8. You're The Top (J) 2:30

            (Cole Porter)

9. Breezin' Along With The Breeze (J) 2:07


10. Anything Goes (J) 1:55

            (Cole Porter)

11. Manhattan (J) 2:32

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

12. From This Moment On (J) 1:53

            (Cole Porter)

13. Yours (J) 2:56

            (J. Sherr-G. Roig)

14. We'll Be Together Again     (J) 2:46

            (F. Laine-C. Fischer)

15. My Funny Valentine (J) 3:31

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

16. Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time (J) 3:05

            (L.W. Gilbert-N. Shilkret)

17. Carolina In The Morning (J) 2:11

            (G. Kahn-W. Donaldson)

18. Crazy Rhythm (K) 2:08


19. You Turned The Tables On Me (K) 2:24

            (S. Mitchell-L. Alter)

20. That Old Black Magic (K) 2:16

            (J. Mercer-H. Arlen)

21. Arrivederci Roma (K) 2:30


22. No, Not Much (K) 2:55

            (A. Stillman-R. Allen)

23. On The Alamo (K) 2:52

            (G. Kahn-I. Jones)


1. Come Rain Or Come Shine (K) 3:30

            (J. Mercer-H. Arlen)

2. If You Can Dream (K) 3:18

            (S. Cahn-N. Brodzsky)

3. I Can't Get Started (K) 3:14

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

4. Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day (K) 2:46


5. I've Got A Crush On You (K) 2:07

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

6. Margie (L) 2:32


7. Yes Sir! That's My Baby (L) 2:44

            (G. Kahn-W. Donaldson)

8. The Object Of My Affection (L) 2:56


9. Sometimes I'm Happy (L) 2:08


10. When My Baby Smiles At Me (L) 2:00


11. I Got Rhythm (L) 2:01

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

12. Just Around The Corner (L) 3:35

            (D. Singer-H. von Tilzer)

13. Strike Up the Band (L) 2:03

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

14. Muskrat Ramble (L) 2:17

            (R. Gilbert-K. Ory)

15. That's A-Plenty (L) 1:57

            (H. Creamer-B. Williams)

16. At The Jazz Band Ball (L) 2:15


17. Smiles (L) 2:11

            (J.W. Callahan-L. Roberts)

18. I'd Climb The Highest Mountain      (L) 2:14

            (L. Brown-S. Clare)

19. My Baby Just Cares For Me (L) 2:35

            (G. Kahn-W. Donaldson)

20. Fine And Dandy (M) 1:44

            (P. Jones-K. Swift)

21. Georgia On My Mind (M) 3:19

            (S. Gorrell-H. Carmichael)

22. Alabamy Bound (M) 1:52

            (De Sylva–Green–Henderson)

23. When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (M) 2:03

            (Harry Woods)


1. You're Driving Me Crazy (M) 2:52

            (Walter Donaldson)

2. On The Street Where You Live (M) 2:30

            (A. J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

3. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (M) 2:16

            (H. Creamer–J.P. Johnson)

4. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (M) 2:41

            (A. J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

5. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (M) 3:21

            (O. Hammerstein II-S. Romberg)

6. Too Marvelous For Words (M) 2:31

            (J. Mercer-R. Whiting)

7. Moonglow (Theme From Picnic) (M) 3:16

            (Hudson-De Lange-Mills)

8. Chinatown, My Chinatown  (N) 1:37           

(W. Jerome-J. Schwartz)

9. I Wish You Love (N) 3:01


10. Lullaby Of Broadway (N) 2:43

            (A. Dubin-H. Warren)

11. I Almost Lost My Mind (N) 2:53

            (Ivory Joe Hunter)

12. You're Sensational (N) 3:19

            (Cole Porter)

13.  Then I'll Be Happy (N) 2:28


14. Don't Blame Me (N) 3:36

            (D. Fields-J. McHugh)

15. My Heart Stood Still (N) 3:12

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

16. L'Amour, Toujours, L'Amour (Love Everlasting) (N) 2:03

            (R. Friml-C. Cushing)

17. Button Up Your Overcoat (N) 1:49

            (De Sylva–Brown–Henderson)

18. Chicago (O) 2:02

            (Fred Fisher)

19. Get Me To The Church On Time (O) 2:21

            (A. J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

20. More Than You Know (O) 2:32


21. Cheek To Cheek (O) 2:00

            (Irving Berlin)

22. I'm Confessin' That I Love You (O) 3:41


23. They Didn't Believe Me (O) 2:55

            (E. Laska-J. Kern)      

On all sessions:

            Buddy Cole - piano, organ, celeste, harpsichord

            Vince Terri – guitar. banjo                   

            Don Whitaker - bass                                       

            Nick Fatool – drums, percussion

On session L, add:

            Matty Matlock – clarinet

            Fred Falensby – tenor sax

            Clyde Hurley – trumpet

            Abe Lincoln - trombone

Disc 1, tracks 11 & 17, Disc 3, track 1 and Disc 4, track 12 were originally issued on Some Fine Old Chestnuts (Decca DL 8374) in 1956.

Disc 3, track 13, Disc 4, tracks 14 & 20, Disc 5, track 23, Disc 6, track 21 and Disc 7, tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 18 and 22 were originally issued on New Tricks (Decca DL 8575) in 1957.

Disc 7, track 20 was originally issued on Rare Style (Ace Of Hearts AH-164) in 1967.

All other tracks are previously unissued.

Session A was recorded on November 18, 1954, CBS Studio C, Hollywood, CA

Session B was recorded on December 4, 1954, CBS Studio B, Hollywood, CA

Session C was recorded on March 2, 1955, CBS Studio B, Hollywood, CA

Session D was recorded on April 6, 1955, CBS Studio C, Hollywood, CA

Session E was recorded on June 9, 1955, CBS Studio C, Hollywood, CA

Session F was recorded on June 20, 1955, KCBS Studio A, San Francisco, CA

Session G was recorded on August 25, 1955, Sound Recording Studios, Spokane, WA

Session H was recorded on August 26, 1955, Sound Recording Studios, Spokane, WA

Session I was recorded on December 29, 1955, CBS Studio C, Hollywood, CA

Session J was recorded on March 8, 1956, CBS Studio B, Hollywood, CA

Session K was recorded on March 14, 1956, CBS Studio C, Hollywood, CA

Session L was recorded on April 4, 1956, Palm Springs, CA

Session M was recorded on June 18, 1956, CBS Studio B, Hollywood, CA

Session N was recorded on August 22, 1956, Sound Recording Studios, Spokane, WA

Session O was recorded on August 23, 1956, Sound Recording Studios, Spokane, WA

Original sessions produced by Buddy Cole

Recording engineer: Bob McKenny

Originally recorded for The Bing Crosby Show

Produced for Bing Crosby Enterprises by Bill Morrow and Murdo MacKenzie

Produced for release by Robert S. Bader

Executive producers: Kathryn Crosby & Michael Cuscuna

Archival restoration producer: Richard Kaplan

Mastered by Malcolm Addey at the Malcolm Addey Studio, New York.

Transfers from the original analog tapes to digital format were made 
using 32 bit technology with a sampling rate of 96 kHz.

Special thanks to Malcolm Macfarlane, Howard Green and Arne Fogel

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