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The Complete Ahmad Jamal Trio Argo Sessions (#246)

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The Complete Ahmad Jamal Trio Argo Sessions (#246)
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1. Volga Boatman (A) 3:50

            (arr. by Ahmad Jamal)

2. On Green Dolphin Street (A) 3:17

            (B. Kaper-N. Washington)

3. How About You (A) 5:27

            (R. Freed-B. Lane)

4. I Just Canít See For Lookiní (A) 2:01

            (A. Stanford-N. Robinson)

5. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (A) 2:32

            (Frank Loesser)

6. Beat Out One (A) 5:25

            (Ahmad Jamal)

7. Maryam (A) 3:36

            (Ahmad Jamal)

8. Easy To Remember (A) 5:38

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

9. Jim Loves Sue (A) 2:48

            (Ahmad Jamal)

10. Secret Love (C) 2:39

            (S. Fein-P. Webster)

11. Taking A Chance On Love (C) 1:46


12. Cheek To Cheek (C) 5:14

            (Irving Berlin)

13. Itís You Or No One (C) 2:11

            (J. Styne-S. Cahn)

14. Soft Wind (C) 3:17

            (Fletcher Henderson)

15. Love (C) 3:03

(H. Martin-R. Blane)

16. Aki And Ukthay (C) 3:14

            (Ahmad Jamal)

17. Love For Sale (C) 3:58

            (Cole Porter)

18. Thatís All (C) 1:43

            (A. Brandt-B. Haymes)




1. But Not For Me (B) 3:32

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top (B) 2:36

            (R. Rodgers- O. Hammerstein)

3. Moonlight In Vermont (B) 3:10

            (J. Blackburn-K. Seussdorf)

4. (Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! (B) 2:57

            (B. Baum-S. Weiss)

5. There Is No Greater Love (B) 3:23

            (I. Jones-M. Symes)

6. Poinciana (B) 8:08

            (B. Bernier-N. Simon)

7. Woody ĎNí You (B) 3:41

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

8. Whatís New? (B) 4:06

            (B. Haggart-J. Burke)

9. Too Late Now (B) 2:31

            (A. J. Lerner-B. Lane)

10. All The Things You Are (B) 3:13

            (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein)

11. Cherokee (B) 3:43

            (Ray Noble)

12. It Might As Well Be Spring (B) 3:27

            (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

13. Iíll Remember April (B) 2:41


14. My Funny Valentine (B) 3:27

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

15. Gone With The Wind (B) 3:25

            (H. Magidson-A. Wrubel)

16. Billy Boy (B) 3:03

            (arr. by Ahmad Jamal)

17. Itís You Or No One (B) 3:34

            (J. Styne-S. Cahn)

18. They Canít Take That Away From Me  (B) 4:45

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

19. Poor Butterfly (B) 3:37

            (R. Hubbell-J. Golden)



1. Taboo (D) 4:06

            (Margarita Lecuona)

2. Should I (D) 3:43

            (H. Brown-A. Freed)

3. Stompiní At The Savoy (D) 4:15


4. The Girl Next Door (D) 3:29

            (H. Martin-R. Blaine)

5. I Wish I Knew (D) 3:43

            (M. Gordon-H. Warren)

6. Cheek To Cheek (D) 4:51

            (Irving Berlin)

7. Autumn In New York (D) 3:22

            (Vernon Duke)

8. Secret Love (D) 3:53

            (S. Fein-P. Webster)

9. Squatty Roo (D) 2:19

            (Johnny Hodges)

10. Thatís All (D) 2:38

            (A. Brandt-B. Haymes)

11. This Canít Be Love (D) 5:00

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

12. Autumn Leaves (D) 7:45


13. Ahmadís Blues (D) 3:55

            (Ahmad Jamal)

14. Old Devil Moon (D) 3:56

            (E. Y. Harburg-B. Lane)

15. Seleritus (D) 3:08

            (Ahmad Jamal)

16. It Could Happen To You (D) 4:14

            (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen)

17. Ivy (D) 2:56

            (Hoagy Carmichael)

18. Tater Pie (D) 3:04

            (Irving Ashby)



1. Letís Fall In Love (D) 4:59

            (T. Koehler-H. Arlen)

2. Aki And Urkthay (Brother And Sister) (D) 3:16

            (Ahmad Jamal)

3. You Donít Know What Love Is (D) 3:30

            (D. Raye-G. DePaul)

4. I Didnít Know What Time It Was (D) 4:36

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

5. So Beats My Heart For You (D) 3:40


6. Gal In Calico (D) 4:46

            (L. Robin-A. Schwartz)

7. Our Delight (D) 2:58

            (Tadd Dameron)

8. Too Late Now (D) 4:14

            (B. Lane-A.J. Lerner)

9. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (D) 3:31

            (B. Bernier-J. Brainin)

10. Little Old Lady (F) 5:14

            (H. Carmichael-S. Adams)

11. For All We Know (F) 2:45

            (J. F. Coots-M.Lewis)

12. Pavanne (F) 5:45

            (Morton Gould)

13. Excerpts From The Blues (F) 3:01

            (Ahmad Jamal)

14. Easy To Love (F) 3:18

            (Cole Porter)

15. Time On My Hands (F) 1:34


16. Raincheck (F) 4:41

            (Billy Strayhorn)

17. Iíll Never Stop Loving You (F) 3:00

            (S. Cahn-N. Brodszky)

18. Speak Low (F) 4:50

            (K. Weill-O. Nash)

19. Rhumba No. 2 (F) 2:37

            (Ahmad Jamal)



1. Comme Ci, Comme Ca (E) 2:09


2. Ivy (E) 3:56

            (Hoagy Carmichael)

3. Never Never Land (E) 3:06


4. Tangerine (E) 2:40

            (V. Schertzinger-J. Mercer)

5. Ahmadís Blues (E) 4:18

            (Ahmad Jamal)

6. Seleritus (E) 2:59

            (Ahmad Jamal)

7. I Like To Recognize The Tune (E) 1:40

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

8. Iím Alone With You (E) 3:08

            (Lewis Estes)

9. Sophisticated Gentleman (E) 4:10

            (J. Kennedy-T. Bennett)

10. Ahmadís Waltz (G) 4:42

            (Joe Kennedy)

11. Valentina (G) 2:19

            (Christine Reynolds)

12. Yesterdays (G) 2:54

            (J. Kern-O. Harbach)

13. Tempo For Two (G) 3:25

            (Joe Kennedy)

14. Hallelujah (G) 2:05


15. Itís A Wonderful World (G) 2:49


16. Baia (G) 3:58

            (Ary Barroso)

17. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (G) 3:36

            (J. B. Brooks-S. Russell)

18. Lover Man (G) 4:04


19. Who Cares (G) 3:10

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)



1. Iím Old Fashioned (H) 5:02

            (J. Kern-J. Mercer)

2. We Kiss In A Shadow (H) 8:15

            (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

3. Chi-town (aka Gem) (H) 2:14

            (Bill Lee)

4. We Kiss In A Shadow (I) 5:00

            (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

5. Sweet And Lovely (I) 4:00


6. The Partyís Over (I) 3:59


7. Love For Sale (I) 4:02

            (Cole Porter)

8. Snowfall (I) 2:30

            (Claude Thornhill)

9. Broadway (I) 7:41


10. Willow Weep For Me (I) 3:59

            (Ann Ronell)

11. Autumn Leaves (I) 3:52


12. Isnít It Romantic (I) 4:28

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

13. The Breeze And I (I) 2:19

            (E. Lecuona-A. Stillman)



1. Time On My Hands (I) 6:20


2. Angel Eyes (I) 4:15

            (M. Dennis-E. Brent)

3. You Go To My Head (I) 10:58

            (J.F. Coots-H. Gillespie)

4. Star Eyes (I) 5:57

            (D. Raye G. DePaul)

5. All Of You (I) 4:59

            (Cole Porter)

6. Youíre Blasť (I) 3:30

            (B. Sivier-O. Hamilton)

7. What Is This Thing Called Love (I) 6:12

            (Cole Porter)

8. Poinciana (I) 9:33

            (B. Bernier-N. Simon)

9. We Kiss In The Shadow (alternate take) (I) 5:08

            (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

10. Stella By Starlight (I) 5:33

            (V. Young-N. Washington)

11. The Lady Is A Tramp (I) 3:09

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)



1. Medley: (J) 6:13

      a. Iíll Take Romance

            (B. Oakland-O. Hammerstein)

      b. My Funny Valentine

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

2. Like Someone In Love (J) 5:14

            (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen)

3. Falling In Love With Love (J) 4:20

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

4. The Best Thing For You (J) 4:36

            (Irving Berlin)

5. April In Paris (J) 6:14

            (E. Y . Harburg-V. Duke)

6. The Second Time Around (J) 4:13

            (J. Van Heusen-G. Kahn)

7. We Live In Two Different Worlds (J) 5:08

            (Fred Rose)

8. Night Mist Blues (J) 6:59

            (Ahmad Jamal)

9. Darn That Dream (J) 4:32

            (E. DeLange-J. Van Heusen)

10. On Green Dolphin Street (J) 4:02

            (B. Kaper-N. Washington)



1. Like Someone In Love (first alternate take) (J) 6:53

            (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen)

2. The Second Time Around (first alternate take) (J) 5:31

(J. Van Heusen-G. Kahn)

3. Angel Eyes (J) 6:51

            (M. Dennis-E. Brent)

4. Medley: (J) 6:42

      a. Alone Together

            (H. Deitz-A. Schwartz)

      b. Love Walked In

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (J) 3:36

            (O. Harbach-J. Kern)

6. Iím Old Fashioned (J) 3:49

            (J. Kern-J. Mercer)

7. We Kiss In The Shadows (J) 10:32

            (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

8. The Second Time Around (second alternate take) (J) 4:51

(J. Van Heusen-G. Kahn)

9. Like Someone In Love (second alternate take) (J) 7:26

            (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen)




For the purposes of this discography, only the first issue of each performance is listed.


(A) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Walter Perkins (d).

                                                Universal Recording, Chicago, September 27, 1956

8258                 Spring Will Be A

Little Late This Year                   Argo LP-610

8262                 On Green Dolphin Street                                     -

8263                 Beat Out One                                                 -

8264                 Maryam                                                        -

8266                 How About You                                                  -

8267                 Easy To Remember                                        -

8268                 Jim Love Sue                                                  -

8269                 Volga Boatman                                                  -


same personnel

                                                Universal Recording, Chicago, October 4, 1956

8283                 I Just Can't See For Lookin'                     Argo LP-610


(B) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).            

                                                Pershing Lounge, Chicago, January 16 & 17, 1958

8673                 But Not For Me                                      Argo 5294, Argo LP-628

8674                 Music Music Music                                        -                    -                   

                        The Surrey With

The Fringe On Top                     Argo LP-628

                        Moonlight In Vermont                                          -

                        There Is No Greater Love                                  -

                        Woody'n You                                                   -

                        What's New                                                     -

8983                 Poinciana                                              Argo 5306, EP-1076, LP-628

10343               Too Late Now                                        Argo LP-667

10344               All The Things You Are                        -

10345               Cherokee                                                       -

10346               It Might As Well Be Spring                               -

10347               I'll Remember April                                          -

10348               My Funny Valentine                                        -

10349               Gone With The Wind                                       -

10350               Billy Boy                                               Argo 5370, LP-667

10351               It's You Or No One                                 Argo LP-667

10352               They Can't Take That Away From Me        -

10353               Poor Butterfly                                        Argo 5370, LP-667


(C) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                                        Chicago, June 30 1958

8887                 Secret Love                                           Argo 5317 (45)

8888                 Taking A Chance on Love                               -

8889                 Cheek To Cheek                                    previously unissued

8890                 It's You Or No One                                 previously unissued

8891                 Soft Winds                                            Argo 5306 (45)

8892                 Love                                                      previously unissued

                        Aki And Ukthay (Brother And Sister)        previously unissued

8893                 Love For Sale                                        previously unissued

8894                 That's All                                               previously unissued


(D) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                Spotlight Club, Washington, D.C., September 5-6, 1958

9023                 Ahmad's Blues                                      Argo 5328, LP-2638

9024                 It Could Happen To You                          Argo LP-2638

9025/9040         I Wish I Knew                                        Argo LP-636

9026                 Autumn Leaves                                      Argo LP-2638

9027                 Stompin' At The Savoy                           Argo LP-636

9029                 Cheek To Cheek                                    Argo LP-636

9030                 The Girl Next Door                                          -

9031                 Secret Love                                           Argo EP-1079, LP-636

9032                 Squatty Roo                                          Argo EP-1078, LP-636

9033                 Tater Pie                                               Argo LP-2638

9034                 Taboo                                                   Argo EP-1079, LP-636

9035                 Autumn In New York                                          -                 -

9036                 Too Late Now                                        previously unissued

9037                 A Gal In Calico                                      Argo LP-2638

9038                 That's All                                               Argo EP-1078, LP-636

9039                 Should I ?                                              Argo 5354, EP-1079, LP-636

9041                 This Can't Be Love                                 Argo LP-2638

9042                 I Didn't Know What Time It Was                          -

9043                 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes previously unissued

9044                 Seleritus                                               Argo LP-2638

9045                 So Beats My Heart For You                                -

9047                 Ivy                                                        Argo LP-2638

9048                 Let's Fall In Love                                    Argo 5328, LP-2638

9050                 Old Devil Moon                                      Argo LP-2638

9051                 Aki and Ukthay (Brother & Sister)                        -

9052                 Our Delight                                                        -

9053                 You Don't Know What Love Is                             -


Note: ďStompiní At The SavoyĒ and the previously unissued ďToo Late NowĒ and ďThe Night Has A Thousand EyesĒ have survived only in mono


(E) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO with string section: Harry Lookofsky, Gene Orloff, Sylvan Shulman, Leo Kruczek, Harry Katzman, Alexander Cores, Alvin Rudnitsky, Seymour Miroff, Bernard Eichenbaum, Felix Orlewitz, Bertrand Hirsch, Isadore Zir, George Brown, Lucien Schmit, David Soyer (vln), Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d), Joe Kennedy (arr, dir).

                                                Nolaís Penthouse, NYC, February 27-28, 1959

9377                 Comme Ci, Comme Ca                           Argo LP-646

9378                 Ivy                                                                 -

9379                 Never Never Land                                            -

9380                 Tangerine                                              Argo 5337, LP-646

9381                 Ahmad's Blues                                      Argo LP-646

9382                 Seleritus                                               Argo 5337, LP-646

9383                 I Like To Recognize The Tune                 Argo 5354, LP-646

9384                 I'm Alone With You                                Argo LP-646

9385                 Sophisticated Gentlemen                                 -


(F) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                Ter-Mar Recording Studios, Chicago, January 20-21, 1960

9945                 Rhumba No.2                                        Argo LP-662

9956                 Easy To Love                                         Argo EP-1081, LP-662

9958                 Little Old Lady                                       Argo EP-1081, LP-662

9960                 Excerpt From The Blues                         Argo LP-662                 

9964                 I'll Never Stop Loving You                        Argo LP-662

9970                 Pavanne                                                Argo LP-662

9973                 For All We Know                                    Argo EP-1081, LP 662

9974                 Speak Low                                            Argo LP-662

9977                 Time On My Hands                                Argo EP-1081, LP-662


(G) AHMAD JAMAL QUINTET: Joe Kennedy (vln), Ahmad Jamal (p), Ray Crawford (g), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                Ter-Mar Recording Studios, Chicago, August 15-16, 1960

10363               Who Cares ?                                         Argo LP-673

10364               Ahmad's Waltz                                                  -

10365               Hallelujah                                                          -

10366               Tempo For Two                                                  -

10367               Yesterdays                                                        -

10368               It's A Wonderful World                            Argo 5379, LP-673

10369               You Came A Long

Way From St. Louis                   Argo LP-673

10370               Valentia                                                Argo 5379, LP-673

10371               Lover Man                                             Argo LP-673

10372               Baia                                                               -


(H) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                Ter-Mar Recording Studios, Chicago, June 5, 1961


Iím Old Fashioned                                                          previously unissued

We Kiss In The Shadow                                                             -

Gem                                                                                         -


(I) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                                                            Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra, Chicago, late June 1961

11092               We Kiss In A Shadow                            Argo 5397, LP-685

11093               Sweet And Lovely                                  Argo LP-685

11094               The Party's Over                                    Argo EP-1083, LP-685

11095               Love For Sale                                        Argo LP-685

11096               Snowfall                                                Argo EP-1083, LP-685

11097               Broadway                                                          -                -

11098               Willow Weep For Me                              Argo LP-685

11099               Autumn Leaves                                                 -

11100               Isn't It Romantic                                                 -

11101               The Breeze And I                                   Argo 5397, LP-685

11102               You're Blase                                          Argo 5416, LP-691

11103               You Go To My Head                               Argo LP-691

11106               All of You                                              Argo 5416, LP-691

11108               What Is This Thing Called Love?  Argo LP-691

11109               Star Eyes                                                       -

11115               Time on My Hands                                 Argo LP-691

11116               Angel Eyes                                                    -

Poinciana                                              GRP GRD-2-812

We Kiss In A Shadow (alternate take)      previously unissued

Stella By Starlight                                              -

The Lady Is A Tramp                                          -


Note: One of the dates for this live recording was June 22, 1961


(J) AHMAD JAMAL TRIO: Ahmad Jamal (p), Israel Crosby (b), Vernel Fournier (d).

                        The Blackhawk, San Francisco, January 31 & February 1, 1962

11737               The Second Time Around                                    Argo LP-703                 

11738               Medley: Alone Together / Love Walked In previously unissued

11739               Smoke Gets In Your Eyes                                  previously unissued

11740               We Live In Two Different Worlds *                        Argo 5429, LP-703        

11741               The Best Thing For You                                      Argo LP-703                 

11742               Medley: I'll Take Romance /

                                    My Funny Valentine                                           -

11743               I'm Old Fashioned                                              previously unissued

11744               Like Someone In Love *                                      Argo 5419, LP-703

11745               Angel Eyes                                                       previously unissued

11746               Darn That Dream                                                Chess 2ACMJ-407        

11747               Falling In Love With Love                                    Argo LP-703

11748               On Green Dolphin Street                         Chess 2ACMJ-407        

11749               April In Paris                                                      Argo 5419, LP-703        

11750               We Kiss In A Shadow                                        previously unissued

11833               Night Mist Blues                                                Argo 5429, LP-703

Like Someone In Love (first alternate take)           previously unissued

Like Someone In Love (second alternate take)      previously unissued

The Second Time Around (first alternate take)       previously unissued

The Second Time Around (second alternate take) previously unissued


* The piano introductions were omitted from the released versions of these songs and are restored here.




Argo LP-610                  Count ĎEm 88

Argo LP-628                  But Not For Me

Argo LP-636                  Ahmad Jamal Trio Ė Volume IV

Argo LP-2638                Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal

Argo LP-646                  Jamal At The Penthouse

Argo LP-662                  Happy Moods

Argo LP-667                  At The Pershing

Argo LP-673                  Listen To The Ahmad Jamal Quintet

Argo LP-685                  Ahmad Jamalís Alhambra

Argo LP-691                  All Of You

Argo LP-703                  Ahmad Jamal At The Blackhawk

Chess 2ACMJ-407         Sunset

GRP GRD-2-812            The Best Of Chess Jazz (CD)



Original sessions produced by Phil Chess (A), Dave Usher (B, D, E), Jack Tracy (F, G), Leonard Chess (I) and Paul Gayten (J)

Recording engineer: Bernie Clapper (A), Malcolm Chisholm (B, D), Tommy Nola (E) and Ron Malo (F- I).

Sessions A & B are mono.


Produced for release by Kenny Washington and Michael Cuscuna


Mastered by Malcolm Addey at the Malcolm Addey Studio, New York City


Vault research: Randy Aronson and Andy Skurow


Special thanks to Bill & Susan Lee, Yoshihia Saito and Cliff Preiss


Producerís note:

            In 2007, this set was well on its way with Ahmad Jamalís blessing. He listened to and approved a multitude of previously unissued material, expanding the legacy of this extraordinary trio. A tape search proved problematic and we spent the next two years scouring various Ahmad Jamal Argo masters scouring Europe and Japan as well as the US.

            As you can hear, this legacy has been reconstructed although almost half of it has comes from digital sources. Both analog and digital sources have minor problems here and there such as the small frying sound on disc 4, track 5. The only major problem is the ďCount ďEm 88Ē album (disc 1, tracks 1-9) which for years was available only in electronically-rechanneled stereo. The only existing source in 2010 is a Japanese CD master that seems to have been dubbed from an LP. It has wow and flutter and occasional electronic static as on track 5. Every effort has been made to bring all of this music to you in the best possible fidelity.


Michael Cuscuna



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