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The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (#260)

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The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (#260)
9 CDs - $149.00


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Mosaic MD9-260


Disc I:

1. Hallelujah (tk.A) (A) 4:08


2. Hallelujah (tk.B) (A) 4:09


3. Hallelujah (tk.F) (A) 3:42


4. Get Happy (tk B) (A) 4:00

            (H. Arlen-T. Koehler)

5. Get Happy (tk D) (A) 3:42

            (H. Arlen-T. Koehler)

6. Slim Slam Blues (tk.A) (A) 5:02

            (Red Norvo)

7. Slim Slam Blues (tk.B) (A) 4:25

            (Red Norvo)

8. Congo Blues (false start 1) (A) 1:04

            (Red Norvo)

9. Congo Blues (false start 2) (A) 1:14

            (Red Norvo)

10. Congo Blues (tk A) (A) 3:59

            (Red Norvo)

11. Congo Blues (tk B) (A) 3:51

            (Red Norvo)

12. Congo Blues (tk.C) (A) 3:51

            (Red Norvo)

13. Play Piano, Play (L) 3:17

            (Erroll Garner)

14. Love Is The Strangest Game (tk.A) (L) 3:19

            (Erroll Garner)

15. Love Is The Strangest Game (tk.B) (L) 2:49

            (Erroll Garner)

16. Blues Garni (L) 2:42

            (Erroll Garner)

17. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk.A) (L) 3:45

            (T. Koehler-R. Bloom)

18. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk.B) (L) 3:03

            (T. Koehler-R. Bloom)

19. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk C) (L) 3:15

            (T. Koehler-R. Bloom)

20. Loose Nut (L) 2:59

            (Erroll Garner)

21. Love For Sale (L) 2:48

            (Cole Porter)

22. Fantasy On Frankie And Johnny (L) 2:58


23. Sloe Gin Fizz (L) 2:47

            (Erroll Garner)

Disc II:

1. Diggin’ Diz (B) 2:55

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

2. Confirmation (C) 2:55

            (Charlie Parker)

3. Diggin’ For Diz (C) 2:50

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

4. Dynamo A (Dizzy Atmosphere) (tk.A) (C) 3:03

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

5. Dynamo B (Dizzy Atmosphere) (tk.B) (C) 2:58

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

6. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (C) 2:55

            (O. Hammerstein-S. Romberg)

7. ‘Round Midnight (tk.A) (C) 2:50


8. ‘Round Midnight (tk.B) (C) 2:50


9. Moose The Mooche (tk.1) (D) 2:57

            (Charlie Parker)

10. Moose The Mooche (tk.2) (D) 3:02

            (Charlie Parker)

11. Moose The Mooche (tk.3) (D) 2:55

            (Charlie Parker)

12. Yardbird Suite (tk.1) (D) 2:39

            (Charlie Parker)

13. Yardbird Suite (tk.4) (D) 2:39

            (Charlie Parker)

14. Ornithology (tk.1) (D) 3:01

            (B. Harris-C. Parker)

15. Ornithology (tk.3) (D) 3:16

            (B. Harris-C. Parker)

16. Ornithology (tk.4) (D) 2:59

            (B. Harris-C. Parker)

17. The Famous Alto Break (D) 0:47

            (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli)

18. A Night In Tunisia (tk.4) 3:05

            (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli)

19. A Night In Tunisia (tk.5) 3:02

            (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli)


Disc III:

1. Max Making Wax (E) 2:31

            (Oscar Pettiford)

2. Lover Man (E) 3:19


3. The Gypsy (E) 3:02


4, Bebop (E) 2:54

            (Dizzy Gillespie)

5. Trumpet At Tempo (E) 2:46

            (Howard McGhee)

6. Thermodymanics (E) 3:06

            (Howard McGhee)

7. Curbstone Scuffle (tk.F) (F) 3:05

            (Shorty Rogers)

8. Curbstone Scuffle (tk.G) (F) 3:03

            (Shorty Rogers)

9. Nocturne (F) 3:06

            (Ralph Burns)

10. Woodchopper’s Holiday (tk.C) (F) 2:55

            (Sonny Berman)

11. Woodchopper’s Holiday (tk.D) (F) 2:57

            (Sonny Berman)

12. Somebody Loves Me (tk.E) 3:02


13. Somebody Loves Me (tk.F) 2:58


14. Blue Serge (F) (tk.A) 3:01

            (S. Chaloff-R, Burns)

15. Blue Serge (F) (tk.B/C) 6:04

            (S. Chaloff-R, Burns)

16. Dialated Pupils (tk.4) (G) 2:30

            (Howard McGhee)

17. Dialated Pupils (tk.5) (G) 2:55

            (Howard McGhee)

18. Midnight At Minton’s (G) 2:58

            (Howard McGhee)

19. Up In Dodo’s Room (tk.1) (G) 3:08

            (Howard McGhee)

20. Up In Dodo’s Room (tk.2) (G) 3:14

            (Howard McGhee)

21. High Wind In Hollywood (G) 2:37

            (Howard McGhee


Disc IV:

1. Yardbird Suite (H) 2:11

            (Charlie Parker)

2. Blues On The Sofa (H) 0:44


3. Kopely Plaza Blues (H) 1:04


4. Lullaby In Rhythm (part 1) (H) 1:29


5. Lullaby In Rhythm (part 2) (H) 1:32


6. Home Cooking 1 (Opus) (H) 2:26


7. Home Cooking 2 (Cherokee) (H) 2:06

            (Ray Noble)

8. Home Cooking 3 (I Got Rhythm) (H) 2:26

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

9. This Is Always (tk.C) (I) 3:13

            (H. Warren-M. Gordon)

10. This Is Always (tk.D) (I) 3:09

            (H. Warren-M. Gordon)

11. Dark Shadows (tk.A) (I) 4:02

            (John Willie Henry)

12. Dark Shadows (tk.B) (I) 3:10

            (John Willie Henry)

13. Dark Shadows (tk.C) (I) 4:02

            (John Willie Henry)

14. Dark Shadows (tk.D) (I) 4:02

            (John Willie Henry)

15. Bird’s Nest (tk.A) (I) 2:51

            (Charlie Parker)

16. Bird’s Nest (tk.B) (I) 2:50

            (Charlie Parker)

17. Bird’s Nest (tk.C) (I) 2:42

            (Charlie Parker)

18. Cool Blues (tk.A) (I) 1:58

            (Charlie Parker)

19. Cool Blues (tk.B) (I) 2:22

            (Charlie Parker)

20. Cool Blues (tk.C) (I) 3:08

            (Charlie Parker)

21. Cool Blues (tk. D) (I) 2:52

            (Charlie Parker)

22. Pastel (Please Let Me Forget) (I) 2:55

            (Red Callender)

23. Trio (tk.A) (I) 3:09

            (Erroll Garner)

24. Trio (tk.B) (I) 3:05

            (Erroll Garner)


Disc V:

1. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.A) (J) 3:07

(Charlie Parker)

2. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.C) (J) 3:05

(Charlie Parker)

3. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.D) (J) 3:01

(Charlie Parker)

4. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.E) (J) 2:58

(Charlie Parker)

5. Cheers (tk.A) (J) 3:08

            (Howard McGhee)

6. Cheers (tk.B) (J) 3:04

            (Howard McGhee)

7. Cheers (tk.C) (J) 3:00

            (Howard McGhee)

8. Cheers (tk.D) (J) 3:04

            (Howard McGhee)

9. Carvin’ The Bird (tk.A) (J) 2:44

            (Howard McGhee)

10. Carvin’ The Bird (tk.B) (J) 2:44

            (Howard McGhee)

11. Studendous (tk.A) (J) 2:53

            (Howard McGhee)

12. Studendous (tk.B) (J) 2:53

            (Howard McGhee)

13. Mischievous Lady (tk.D) (K) 2:46

            (Dexter Gordon)

14. Mischievous Lady (tk.E) (K) 2:30

            (Dexter Gordon)

15. Lullaby In Rhythm (tk.C) (K) 3:02


16. Lullaby In Rhythm (tk.F) (K) 2:53



Disc VI:

1. The Chase (false start) (M) 0:19

            (Dexter Gordon)

2. The Chase (M) 6:47

            (Dexter Gordon)

3. Chromatic Aberration (tk.B) (M) 3:04

            (Dexter Gordon)

4. Chromatic Aberration (tk.C) (M) 2:47

            (Dexter Gordon)

5. It’s The Talk Of The Town (tk.A) (M) 3:25


6. It’s The Talk Of The Town (tk.B) (M) 3:21


7. Bikini (M) 3:37

            (Dexter Gordon)

8. Dexterity (tk.A) (N) 2:57

            (Charlie Parker)

9. Dexterity (tk.B) (N) 2:59

            (Charlie Parker)

10. Bongo Bop (tk.A) (N) 2:44

            (Charlie Parker)

11. Bongo Bop (tk.B) (N) 2:43

            (Charlie Parker)

12. Dewey Square (tk.A) (N) 3:28

            (Charlie Parker)

13. Dewey Square (tk.B) (N) 3:02

            (Charlie Parker)

14. Dewey Square (tk.C) (N) 3:08

            (Charlie Parker)

15. The Hymn (tk.A) (N) 2:31

            (Charlie Parker)

16. The Hymn (tk.B) (N) 2:28

            (Charlie Parker)

17. Bird Of Paradise (tk.A) (N) 3:10

            (Charlie Parker)

18. Bird Of Paradise (tk.B) (N) 3:10

            (Charlie Parker)

18. Bird Of Paradise (tk.C) (N) 3:11

            (Charlie Parker)

20. Embraceable You (tk.A) (N) 3:47

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

21. Embraceable You (tk.B) (N) 3:23

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)



Disc VII:

1. Bird Feathers (O) 2:52

            (Charlie Parker)

2. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (tk.A) (O) 3:05

            (Charlie Parker)

3. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (tk.B) (O) 3:05

            (Charlie Parker)

4. Scrapple From The Apple (tk.B) (O) 2:39

            (Charlie Parker)

5. Scrapple From The Apple (tk.C) (O) 2:58

            (Charlie Parker)

6. My Old Flame (O) 3:14

            (S. Coslow-A. Johnston)

7. Out Of Nowhere (tk.A) (O) 4:03

            (J. Green-E. Heyman)

8. Out Of Nowhere (tk.B) (O) 3:50

            (J. Green-E. Heyman)

9. Out Of Nowhere (tk.C) (O) 3:05

            (J. Green-E. Heyman)

10. Don’t Blame Me (O) 2:47

            (J. McHugh-D. Fields)

11. Dorothy (P) 3:04

            (Howard McGhee)

12. Night Mist (tk.A) (P) 2:57

            (Howard McGhee)

13. Night Mist (tk.B) (P) 2:48

            (Howard McGhee)

14. Coolie-Rini (P) 2:50

            (Howard McGhee)

15. Night Music (P) 3:25

            (Howard McGhee)

16. Turnip Blood (tk.A) (P) 2:45

            (Howard McGhee)

17. Turnip Blood (tk.B) (P) 2:46

            (Howard McGhee)

18. Surrender (P) 3:01

            (Howard McGhee)

19. Sleepwalker Boogie (P) 3:22

            (Howard McGhee)

20. Stop Time Blues (P) 2:43

            (Howard McGhee)

21. You (P) 2:41

            (Howard McGhee)



1. Bopmatism (tk.C) (Q) 3:10

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

2. Bopmatism (tk.F) (Q) 2:56

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

3. Dodo’s Dance (tk.A) (Q) 3:05

(Dodo Marmarosa)

4. Dodo’s Dance (tk.C) (Q) 3:08

            (Dodo Marmarosa)

5. Trade Winds (tk.A) (Q) 3:07

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

6. Trade Winds (tk.C) (Q) 3:10

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

7. Dary Departs (tk E) (Q) 2:45”

            (Dodo Marmarosa)

8. Dary Departs (tk.F) (Q) 2:45

            (Dodo Marmarosa)

9. Dary Departs (tk.G) (Q) 2:35

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

10. Cosmo Street (tk.D) (Q) 3:28

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

11. Cosmo Street (tk.E) (Q) 2:53

 (Dodo Marmarosa)

12. Ghost Of A Chance (tk.C) (R) 2:54


13. Ghost Of A Chance (tk,E) (R) 3:03


14. Sweet And Lovely (tk.A) (R) 2:30


15. Sweet And Lovely (tk.D) (R) 2:49


16. Horning In (tk.C) (R) 7:30

            (D. Gordon-T. Edwards)

17. The Duel (tk.D) (R) 5:27

(D. Gordon-T. Edwards)

18. Blues In Teddy’s Flat (tk.A) (R) 3:10

            (Teddy Edwards)




1.    Drifting On A Reed (tk.B) (S) 2:57

(Charlie Parker)

2.    Drifting On A Reed (tk.D) (S) 2:53

(Charlie Parker)

3.    Drifting On A Reed (tk.E) (S) 2:52

(Charlie Parker)

4.    Quasimado (tk.A) (S) 2:54

(Charlie Parker)

5.    Quasimado (tk.B) (S) 2:53

(Charlie Parker)

6.    Charlie’s Wig (tk.B) (S) 2:46

(Charlie Parker)

7.    Charlie’s Wig (tk.D) (S) 2:46

(Charlie Parker)

8.    Charlie’s Wig (tk.E) (S) 2:42

(Charlie Parker)

9.    Bongo Beep (tk.B) (S) 2:57

(Charlie Parker)

10. Bongo Beep (tk.C) (S) 2:57

(Charlie Parker)

11. Crazeology (excerpt A) (S) 1:00

(Benny Harris)

12. Crazeology (excerpt B) (S) 0:32

(Benny Harris)

13. Crazeology (tk.C) (S)  2:57

(Benny Harris)

14. Crazeology (tk.D) (S) 2:58

(Benny Harris)

15. How Deep Is The Ocean (tk. A) (S) 3:23

(Irving Berlin)

16. How Deep Is The Ocean (tk. B) (S) 3:07

(Irving Berlin)

17. Guilty (T) 3:02


18. Yardbird Suite (T) 2:32

(Charlie Parker)

19. A Stranger In Town (T) 3:01


20. As Time Goes By (T) 3:05

(Herman Hupfeld)

21. Move (tk.A) (T) 2:36

(Denzil Best)

22. Move (tk.B) (T) 2:34

(Denzil Best)






This discography contains only the first issue for each selection. This material was first issued in boxed set form on Toshiba EMI TOCJ 0001-0010 in February 1995.


(A) Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet

Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Flip Phillips, tenor sax; Red Norvo, vibes; Teddy Wilson, piano; Slam Stewart, bass; Specs Powell, drums.

WOR Recording Studios, New York City - June 6, 1945

T 8-A Hallelujah                                               Dial LP 903

T 8-B Hallelujah                                               Dial 1045

T 8-F Hallelujah                                               Comet T6

T 9-B Get Happy                                             Dial 1035

T 9-D Get Happy                                             Comet T7


Same session except J.C. Heard replaces Specs Powell, drums:


T10-A Slam Slam Blues                                 Dial 1045 (as Bird Blues)

T10-B Slam Slam Blues                                 Comet T6

T11-AA Congo Blues (false start)                   Dial LP 903

T11-BB Congo Blues (false start)                  -

T11-A  Congo Blues                                       -

T11-B  Congo Blues                                       Dial 1045

T11-C  Congo Blues                                       Comet T7


(B) Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen:

Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Lucky Thompson, tenor sax; George Handy, piano; Arvin Garrison, electric guitar; Ray Brown, bass; Stan Levey, drums.

Electro Broadcast Studios, Glendale, Ca - February 5, 1946


D1000 Diggin’ Diz (aka Bongo Beep)             Dial 1004


(C) Tempo Jazzmen:

Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Lucky Thompson, tenor sax; Milt Jackson, vibes; Arvin Garrison, electric guitar; Al Haig, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Stan Levey, drums; The Three Angels (Gillespie, Thompson, Jackson) ensemble vocal-1

Electro Broadcast Studios, Glendale, Ca - February 5, 1946

D1001-E Confirmation                                    Dial 1004

D1002-E Diggin For Diz                                 Dial 1005

D1003-A Dynamo A (Dizzy Atmosphere)      Dial 1001

D1003-B Dynamo B (Dizzy Atmosphere)                  -

D1004-E When I Grow Too Old To Dream -1  Dial 1004

D1005-A ‘Round Midnight                               Dial 1003

D1005-B ‘Round Midnight                               Spotlite (E) SPJ-132


(D) Charlie Parker Septet:

Miles Davis, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Lucky Thompson, tenor sax; Dodo Marmarosa, piano; Vic McMillan, bass; Roy Porter, drums.

Radio Recorders, Hollywood - March 28. 1946

D1010-1 Moose The Mooche                         Dial LP 201

D1010-2 Moose The Mooche                         Dial 1004

D1010-3 Moose The Mooche                         Spotlite (E) SPJ-101


Same session, add Arvin Garrison, electric guitar:

D1011-1 Yardbird Suite                                  Dial LP 201

D1011-4 Yardbird Suite                                  Dial 1003

D1012-1 Ornithology                                       Dial LP 206

D1012-3 Ornithology                                       Dial 1006 (as Bird Lore)

D1012-4 Ornithology                                       Dial 1002

D1013-1 The Famous Alto Break                   Dial LP 905

D1013-4 Night In Tunisia                                Dial LP 201

D1013-5 Night In Tunisia                                Dial 1002


(E) Charlie Parker Quintet/Howard McGhee Quintet/Quartet:

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax: Jimmy Bunn,  piano; Bob Kesterson, bass; Roy Porter, drums.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - July 29. 1946


D1021-A Max Making Wax                              Jazztone J1004

D1022-A Loverman                                         Dial 1007

D1023-A The Gypsy                                       Dial 1043

D1024-A Bebop (Dizzy’s Fingers)                  Dial 1007


Same session, omit Charlie Parker:


D1025-B Trumpet At Tempo                          Dial 1005

D1026-C Thermodynamics                            Dial 1020


(F) Sonny Berman’s Big Eight-Bill Harris Big Eight-Ralph Burns Quintet:

Sonny Berman, trumpet; Bill Harris, trombone, valve trombone -3; Flip Phillips, tenor sax; Serge Chaloff, baritone sax; Ralph Burns, piano, arranger -2; Chuck Wayne, electric guitar; Artie Bernstein, bass; Don Lamond, drums; Shorty Rogers arranger-1.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - September 21. 1946


D1031-F Curbstone Scuffle -1                       Dial LP 210

D1031-G Curbstone Scuffle—1                     Dial 1006

D1032-D Nocturne (Moonburns) -2                Dial 1020

D1033-C Woodchopper’s Holiday                  Dial 1009

D1033-D Woodchopper’s Holiday                  Dial LP 210

D1034-E Somebody Loves Me -3                  Dial 1009

D1034-F Somebody Loves Me -3                   Dial LP 210

D1035-A Blue Serge (aka The Mad Monk) -4 Dial 1012

D1035-B/C Blue Serge -4                               Dial 1008 (as Dial-ogue)


-3 Harris, valve trombone, omit Berman, Phillips & Chaloff.

-4 omit Harris, Berman and Phillips


(G) Howard McGhee Sextet/Dodo Marmarosa Sextet

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Teddy Edwards, tenor sax; Dodo Marmarosa, piano; Arvin Garrison, electric guitar; Bob Kesterson, bass; Roy Porter, drums.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - October 18. 1946


D1041-4 Dialated Pupils                                 Dial 1010

D1041-5 Dialated Pupils                                 Dial 1011

D1042-4 Midnight At Minton’s             Dial 1011

D1043-1 Up In Dodo’s Room-DM                   Spotlite (E) SPJ-131

D1043-2 Up In Dodo’s Room-DM                   Dial 1010

D1044-2 High Wind in Hollywood                   Dial 1010


(H) Charlie Parker Home Cooking Session

Melvin Broiles, Howard McGhee, Shorty Rogers-1, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax;

Russ Freeman, piano; Arnold Fishkind, bass; Jimmy Pratt, drums.

Private Recording at the home of Charlie Kopely, Hollywood - February 1, 1947

        Yardbird Suite-1                                      Spotlite (E) SPJ-107

        Blues On The Sofa                                             -

        Kopely Plaza Blues                                             -

K901 Lullaby In Rhythm (part 1)                                 -

K902 Lullaby In Rhythm (part 2)                                 -

K903 Home Cooking 1 (Opus)                       Dial LP 905

K904 Home Cooking 2 (Cherokee)                            -

K905 Home Cooking 3 (I Got Rhythm)                       -


(I) Charlie Parker Quartet/Erroll Garner Trio:

Charlie Parker, alto sax; Erroll Garner, piano; Red Callender, bass; Harold ‘Doc’ West, drums; Earl Coleman-1, vocal

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - February 19. 1947


D1051-C This Is Always -1                             Dial 1015

D1051-D This Is Always -1                             Dial LP 202

D1052-A Dark Shadows -1                                         -

D1052-B Dark Shadows -1                            Dial LP 901

D1052-C Dark Shadows -1                            Dial 1014

D1052-D Dark Shadows -1                            Spotlite (E) SPJ-105

D1053-A Bird’s Nest                                       Dial 1014, 1015

D1053-B Bird’s Nest                                       Dial LP 905

D1053-C Bird’s Nest                                       Dial 1014

D1054-A Cool Blues                                       Dial LP 202 (as Hot Blues)                            

D1054-B Cool Blues                                       Dial LP 901 (as Blow Top Blues)

D1054-C Cool Blues                                       Dial 1015

D1054-D Cool Blues                                       Dial LP 901


Same session, omit Charlie Parker:


D1055-B Pastel (Please Let Me Forget)        Dial 1016

D1056-A Trio                                                               -

D1056-B Trio                                                  Dial LP 205


(J) Charlie Parker All Stars

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Wardell Gray, tenor sax; Dodo Marmarosa, piano; Barney Kessel, electric guitar; Red Callender, bass; Don Lamond, drums.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - February 26. 1947


D1071-A Relaxin At Camarillo                        Dial 1030

D1071-C Relaxin At Camarillo                        Dial 1012

D1071-D Relaxin At Camarillo                        Dial LP 901

D1071-E Relaxin At Camarillo                        Dial LP 202

D1072-A Cheers                                                         -

D1072-B Cheers                                             Spotlite (E) SPJ-103

D1072-C Cheers                                                        -

D1072-D Cheers                                            Dial 1013

D1073-A Carvin’ The Bird                               Dial LP 901

D1073-B Carvin’ The Bird                               Dial 1013

D1074-A Stupendous                                     Dial 1022

D1074-B Stupendous                                     Dial LP 202


(K) Dexter Gordon Quintet

Melba Liston, trombone; Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Charles Fox, piano; Red Callender, bass; Chuck Thompson, drums.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - June 5. 1947


D1081-D Mischievous Lady                            Dial 1018

D1081-E Mischievous Lady                            Dial LP 204

D1082-C Lullaby In Rhythm                            Dial 1038

D1082-F Lullaby In Rhythm                            Dial LP 204


(L) Erroll Garner-solo piano:

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - June 10. 1947


D1091-C Play Piano, Play                              Dial 1026

D1092-A Love Is The Strangest Game          Dial 205

D1092-B Love Is The Strangest Game          Dial 1041

D1093-A Blues Garni                                      Dial 205

D1094-A Don’t Worry About Me                     Dial 205

D1094-B Don’t Worry About Me                     Royal Roost RLP 2213

D1094-C Don’t Worry About Me                     Spotlite (E) SPJ-129

D1095-A Loose Nut                                        Dial 1041

D1096-A Love For Sale                                  Dial 1031

D1097-A Fantasy On Frankie And Johnny     Dial 1026

D1098-A Sloe Gin Fizz (aka Talk No Holes In My Clothes)    Dial 1031



(M) Dexter Gordon - Wardell Gray Quintet/Dexter Gordon Quartet:

Wardell Gray, tenor sax-1; Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Jimmy Bunn, piano; ‘Red Callender, bass; Chuck Thompson, drums.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - June 12. 1947


D1083-C The Chase (false start)-1                Dial LP 211

D1083/84-D The Chase-1                              Dial 1017

D1085-B Chromatic Aberration                      Dial LP 204

D1085-C Chromatic Aberration                      Spotlite (E) SPJ-133

D1086-A It’s The Talk Of The Town               Dial LP 210

D1086-B It’s The Talk Of The Town               Dial 1038

D1087-A Bikini                                                Dial 1022


(N) Charlie Parker Quintet:

Miles Davis, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Duke Jordan, piano; Tommy Potter, bass; Max Roach, drums.

WOR Studios, New York City - October 28. 1947

D1101-A Dexterity                                           Dial LP 203

D1101-B Dexterity                                          Dial 1032

D1102-A Bongo Bop                                       Dial 1024

D1102-B Bongo Bop                                       Dial LP 901

D1103-A Dewey Square (Prezology)             Dial 1056 (as Air Conditioning)                      

D1103-B Dewey Square                                 Dial LP 203

D1103-C Dewey Square                                Dial 1019

D1104-A The Hymn                                        Dial 1056

D1104-B The Hymn (Superman)                   Dial LP 212

D1105-A Bird Of Paradise                              Dial 1032

D1105-B Bird Of Paradise                                          -

D1105-C Bird Of Paradise                                         -

D1106-A Embraceable You                            Dial 1024

D1106-B Embraceable You                                        -


(O) Charlie Parker Quintet

Miles Davis, trumpet; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Duke Jordan, piano; Tommy Potter, bass; Max Roach, drums.

            WOR Studios, New York City - November 4, 1947


D1111-C Bird Feathers                                  Dial 1058

D1112-A Klact-Oveeseds-Tene                     Dial 1040

D1112-B Klact-Oveeseds-Tene                     Dial LP 904

D1113-B Scrapple From The Apple               Dial LP 203

D1113-C Scrapple From The Apple               Dial 1021

D1114-A My Old Flame                                  Dial 1058

D1115-A Out Of Nowhere                              Dial LP 207

D1115-B Out Of Nowhere                              Dial LP 904

D1115-C Out Of Nowhere                                          -

D1116-A Don’t Blame Me                               Dial 1021


(P) Howard McGhee Sextet

Howard McGhee, trumpet; James Moody, tenor sax; Milt Jackson, vibes;

Hank Jones, piano; Ray Brown, bass; J.C. Heard, drums.

            WOR Studios, New York City - December 3. 1947


D1121-A Dorothy                                            Dial 1027

D1122-A Night Mist                                         Dial LP 209

D1122-B Night Mist                                         Dial 1027

D1123-C Coolie-Rini                                       Dial 1039

D1124-B Night Music                                      Dial 1037

D1125-A Turnip Blood                                    Dial 1047

D1125-B Turnip Blood                                    Spotlite (E) SPJ-131

D1126-C Surrender                                        Dial LP 209

D1127-A Sleepwalker Boogie                         Dial 1039

D1128-A Stop Time Blues                              Dial 1047

D1129-A You                                                   Dial LP 209


(Q) Dodo Marmarosa Trio:

Dodo Marmarosa, piano; Harry Babasin, cello; Jackie Mills, drums.

C.P. Macgregor Studios, Hollywood –December 3. 1947


D1131-C Bopmatism                                      Dial LP 208

D1131-F  Bopmatism                                     Dial 752

D1132-A  Dodo’s Dance                                 Dial LP 208

D1132-C  Dodo’s Dance                                Jazztone 1001

D1133-A Trade Winds                                    Dial 752

D1133-C Trade Winds                                   Dial LP 208

D1134-E  Dary Departs                                  Spotlite (E) SPJ-128

D1134-F  Dary Departs                                  Dial LP 208

D1134-G Dary Departs                                   Dial 1025

D1135-D Cosmo Street                                  Dial LP 208

D1135-E Cosmo Street                                  Dial 1025 (as Lover)



(R) Dexter Gordon – Teddy Edward

Dexter Gordon-1, Teddy Edwards-2, tenor sax; Jimmy Rowles, piano; Red Callender, bass; Roy Porter, drums.

C.P. Macgregor Studios, Hollywood - December 4th, 1947


D1141-C Ghost Of A Chance-1                     Dial LP 204

D1141-E  Ghost Of A Chance-1                     Dial 1018

D1142-A  Sweet And Lovely-2                        Dial LP 204

D1142-D  Sweet And Lovely-2                       Dial 1042

D1143/44-C  Horning In-1,2                            Dial LP 204

D1143/44-D  The Duel-1,2                             Dial 1028

D1145-A  Blues In Teddy’s Flat-2                   Dial 1033



(S) Charlie Parker Sextet

Miles Davis, trumpet; J.J. Johnson, trombone; Charlie Parker, alto sax; Duke Jordan, piano; Tommy Potter, bass; Max Roach, drums.

WOR Studios, New York City - December 17, 1947


D1151-B Drifting On A Reed                          Dial 1056

D1151-D Drifting On A Reed                          Dial LP 904

D1151-E Drifting On A Reed                          Dial 1043

D1152-A Quasimado                                      Dial LP 203

D1152-B Quasimado                                      Dial 1015

D1153-B Charlie’s Wig                                   Dial LP 905

D1153-D Charlie’s Wig                                   Dial LP 203

D1153-E Charlie’s Wig                                   Dial 1040

D1154-B Bongo Beep (Bird Feathers)           Dial LP 904

D1154-C Bongo Beep (Bird Feathers)           Dial LP 207

D1155-A Crazeology (excerpt)                       Dial 1034

D1155-B Crazeology (excerpt)                                   -

D1155-C Crazeology                                                  -

D1155-D Crazeology                                                  -

D1156-A How Deep Is The Ocean                 Dial 1055

D1156-B How Deep Is The Ocean                 Dial LP 211


(T) Earl Coleman & Fats Navarro

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Don Lanphere, tenor sax; Linton Garner, piano, celeste-2;

Al Casey, guitar; Jimmy Johnson, bass; Max Roach, drums; Earl Coleman, vocal.

WOR Studios, New York City - November 29th. 1948


D1162-A Guilt                                                  Dial 1049

D1163-C Yardbird Suite                                  Dial 753

D1164-A A Stranger In Town -2                                  -

D1165-A  As Time Goes By               Dial 1049


Same session, except omit Coleman and Casey:

D1166-A Move                                                Dial LP 212

D1166-B Move                                                Dial 1033




Produced for release by Michael Cuscuna

Producer's Note:
On The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions, Steve Marlowe has used a system he calls Bit Density Processing which performs miracles on the music at hand. Suddenly, one can hear Charlie Parker or Dexter Gordon or Miles Davis in full, rich clarity. The rhythm sections, all but buried on the original 78s, are completely audible and in balance.

This system allows us to hear more of what was on Dial's original 1946-48 recordings and later transfers. Unfortunately, that sometimes means retrieving the bad with the good. On some tracks, a whooshing effect can be heard in the cymbals or in a background kind of surface noise, which is actually the wow and flutter of the original transfers. We think these issues are a small price to pay for the revelatory sound of this important music.

Our thanks to Jonathan Horwich who introduced us to Steve and who oversaw the whole restoration and mastering process.

- Michael Cuscuna

We have developed new processing to better reduce the distortion on these discs...For example, Miles's muted trumpet throughout the last half of the C take of "Out Of Nowhere" - virtually all notes were distorted. We can now actually see the distortion wave forms and process just those, note by note, improving their tonality. No EQ or tricks. We literally get rid of much of it, leaving the pure note intact. Similarly, on the Dodo Marmarosa trio sessions, the pieces were very often distorted on each note.

Going note-by-note, we are now able to restore the performance to a degree not previously possible. And so much better than the various high-end noise software, all of which we have found to be entirely unacceptable because they alter rather than restore.. We've been very careful to not induce sonic artifacts. The idea is that with the great improvement in tonality and fidelity one can hear and enjoy the music as never before.

But there may be some trade-offs. When the music is all tinny and thin and totally buried, and when all the surface noise is covering it up, you don't hear what's really there. Sometimes the cymbals and noises have tremendous wow and flutter. In the process of simply hearing more and hearing better what is on the tapes, these flaws will be more audible.

-Steve Marlowe

Original Japanese boxed set produced by Hitoshi Namekata and Ross Russell with Yoshitaka Aikawa

Executive producer: Tony Williams, Spotlite Reocrds

Research by Tony Williams, Kevin O’Malley and Bob Weir

Restoration and mastering by Steve Marlowe utilizing Bit Density Processing, in association with Jonathan Horwich of International Phonograph, Inc. 


Design Production: InkWell, Inc.

Francis Wolff photographs courtesy of Mosaic Images LLC.

All other photographs courtesy of the Ross Russell Collection, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin


Special thanks to Elizabeth Garver and Jason MacLoed of the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, Richard Mikel and Tad Hershorn of the Institute Of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University.



This box set only includes sessions recorded and owned by Dial, not sessions leased from other sources. Ross Russell had an infuriating habit of using the same 78 issue number for different selections, which is why a given number may have more than two tunes as first issue. He also changed tune titles when issuing selections originally issued on 78 on 10” LPs.



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