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Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49 (#264)

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Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49 (#264)
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(Mosaic MD10-264)

1. Blow Mr. Dexter (alt tk) (A) 2:40
(Dexter Gordon)
2. Blow Mr. Dexter (A) 2:58
(Dexter Gordon)
3. Dexter’s Deck (A) 2:55
(Dexter Gordon)
4. Dexter’s Cutttin’ Out (A) 3:10
(Dexter Gordon)
5. Dexter’s Minor Mad (A) 2:42
(Dexter Gordon)
6. Sweet Miss (alt tk) (B) 3:01
(Kai Winding)
7. Sweet Miss (B) 3:01
(Kai Winding)
8. Loaded (alt tk) (B) 3:03
(Bernie Miller)
9. Loaded (B) 3:04
(Bernie Miller)
10. Grab Your Axe Max (alt tk) (B) 3:25
(Kai Winding)
11. Grab Your Axe Max (B) 3:27
(Kai Winding)
12. Always (B) 3:24
(Irving Berlin)
13. Long Tall Dexter (alt tk) (C) 2:45
(Dexter Gordon)
14. Long Tall Dexter  (C) 3:01
(Dexter Gordon)
15. Dexter Rides Again (C) 3:13
(Dexter Gordon)
16. I Can’t Escape From You (alt tk) (C) 3:10
(L. Robin-R. Whiting)
17. I Can’t Escape From You (C) 3:14
(L. Robin-R. Whiting)
18. Dexter Digs In (alt tk) (C) 2:52
(Dexter Gordon)
19. Dexter Digs In (C) 2:57
(Dexter Gordon)
20. Dexter Digs In (alt tk 2) (C) 2:49
(Dexter Gordon)

1. Rampage (D) 3:04
(Ed Finckel)
2. Vot’s Dot (D) 3:00
(Allen Eager)
3. Booby Hatch (D) 3:07
(Allen Eager)
4. Symphony Sid’s Idea (D) 2:48
(Allen Eager)
5. Jay Bird (alt tk) (E) 3:00
(J.J. Johnson)
6. Jay Bird (alt tk 2) (E) 2:35
(J.J. Johnson)
7. Jay Bird (E) 2:59
(J.J. Johnson)
8. Coppin’ The Bop (E) 2:59
(J.J. Johnson)
9. Jay Jay (alt tk) (E) 3:04
(J.J. Johnson)
10. Jay Jay (E) 3:06
(J.J. Johnson)
11. Jay Jay (alt tk 2) (E) 3:07
(J.J. Johnson)
12. Mad Be Bop (E) 2:41
(J.J. Johnson)
13. Opus De Bop (alt tk) (F) 2:41
(Hank Jones)
14. Opus De Bop (F) 2:31
(Hank Jones)
15. Opus De Bop (alt tk 2) (F) 2:37
(Hank Jones)
16. And The Angels Swing (F) 2:43
(Stan Getz)
17. Running Water (F) 2:45
(Stan Getz)
18. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (F) 2:38
(T. Koehler-R. Bloom)

1. Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 1) (G) 2:51
(Bud Powell)
2. Bebop In Pastel (EP master) (G) 2:51
(Bud Powell)
3. Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 2) (G) 2:53
(Bud Powell)
4. Bebop In Pastel (LP master) (G) 2:58
(Bud Powell)
5. Fool’s Fancy (G) 2:35
(Bud Powell)
6. Bombay (G) 2:54
(Kenny Dorham-Gil Fuller)
7. Ray’s Idea (G) 2:45
(Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
 8. Serenade To A Square (H) 2:35
(Bud Powell)
9. Good Kick (H) 2:38
(Sonny Stitt)
10. Seven Up (alt tk) (H) 2:14
(Sonny Stitt)
11. Seven Up (H) 2:29
(Sonny Stitt)
12. Blues In Bebop (alt tk) (H) 3:03
(Kenny Dorham)
13. Blues In Bebop (H) 2:44
(Kenny Dorham)
14. Boppin’ A Riff (I) 5:35
(Sonny Stitt)
15. Fat Boy (I) 5:44
(Fats Navarro)
16. Everything’s Cool (I) 5:52
(Fats Navarro-Gil Fuller)
17. Webb City (I) 5:37
(Bud Powell-Gil Fuller)
18. For Hecklers Only (J) 2:56
(Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
19. Smoky Hollow Jump (J) 3:01
(Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
20. Boppin’ The Blues (J) 3:06
(Ray Brown)
21. Moody Speaks (J) 2:32
(Dave Burns-James Moody)

1. Calling Dr. Jazz (K) 2:51
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
2. Fracture (K) 2:52
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
3. Hollerin’ And Screamin’ (K) 2:40
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
4. Stealin’ Trash (K) 2:47
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
5. Just A Mystery (K) 2:14
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
6. Red Pepper (K) 3:05
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
7. Spinal (K) 2:31
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
8. Maternity (K) 3:01
(Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
9. O-Go-Mo (L) 2:32
(Kai Winding)
10. Mr. Dues (L) 2:43
(Kai Winding)
11. Oh Kai (Kai’s Day (L) 2:33
(Kai Winding)
12. Saxon (L) 2:45
(Allen Eager)
13. Fat Girl (M) 2:19
(Fats Navarro)
14. Ice Freezes Red (M) 2:39
(Fats Navarro-Tadd Dameron)
15. Eb Pob (M) 2:23
(Fats Navarro-Leo Parker)
16. Goin’ To Minton’s (M) 2:51
(Fats Navarro)
17. Pumpernickel (alt tk) (N) 2:33
(Serge Chaloff)
18. Pumpernickel (N) 2:31
(Serge Chaloff)
19. Gabardine And Serge (alt tk) (N) 2:24
(Tiny Kahn)
20. Gabardine And Serge (N) 2:31
(Tiny Kahn)
21. Serge's Urge (alt tk) (N) 2:35
(Serge Chaloff)
22. Serge's Urge (N) 2:34
(Serge Chaloff)
23. A Bar A Second (alt tk) (N) 2:23
(Serge Chaloff)
24. A Bar A Second (N) 2:38
(Serge Chaloff)

1. All Night, All Frantic (O) 2:37
(Allen Eager)
2. Donald Jay (O) 2:31
(Allen Eager)
3. Meeskite (O) 2:56
(Allen Eager)
4. And That’s For Sure (O) 2:52
(Allen Eager)
5. Goodbye To Love (P) 2:48
(John Lewis-Kenny Hagood)
6. Baby I’m Coming Home (P) 2:45
(Charles Jagelka)
7. The Way You Look Tonight (P) 2:57
(J, Kern-D. Fields)
8. El Sino (Q) 3:10
(Charles Greenlee)
9. Ineta (Q) 2:51
(Leo Parker)
10. Wild Leo (Q) 2:54
(Leo Parker)
11. Leapin’ Leo (Q) 3:00
(Leo Parker)
12. A Bebop Carol (alt tk) (R) 2:36
(Tadd Dameron)
13. A Bebop Carol (R) 2:58
(Tadd Dameron)
14. The Tadd Walk (R) 2:52
(Tadd Dameron)
15, Gone With The Wind (R) 3:12
(A. Wrubel-H. Magidson)
16. That Someone Must Be You (R) 3:01
(Tadd Dameron)
17. Nightmare Allen (alt tk) (S) 2:30
(Allen Eager)
18. Nightmare Allen (S) 2:29
(Allen Eager)
19. Church Mouse (alt tk) (S) 2:48
(Allen Eager)
20. Church Mouse (S) 2:46
(Allen Eager)
21. Jane’s Bounce (alt tk) (S) 3:27
(Allen Eager)
22. Jane’s Bounce (S) 2:49
(Allen Eager)
23. Unmeditated (alt tk) (S) 2:34
(Allen Eager)
24. Unmeditated (S) 3:08
(Allen Eager)

1. Nostalgia (alt tk) (T) 2:44
(Fats Navarro)
2. Nostalgia (T) 2:43
(Fats Navarro)
3. Barry’s Bop (alt tk) (T) 2:38
(Fats Navarro)
4. Barry’s Bop (T) 2:40
(Fats Navarro)
5. Bebop Romp (alt tk) (T) 2:35
(Fats Navarro)
6. Bebop Romp) (T) 2:37
(Fats Navarro)
7. Fats Blows (T) 2:50
(Fats Navarro)
8. Settin’ The Pace  (U) 5:52
(Dexter Gordon)
9. So Easy (alt tk) (U) 2:39
(Dexter Gordon)
10. So Easy (U) 2:42
(Dexter Gordon)
11. Dexter’s Riff (alt tk) (U) 2:59
(Dexter Gordon)
12. Dexter’s Riff (U) 2:44
(Dexter Gordon)
13. Wee Dot (alt tk) (V) 2:41
(J.J. Johnson)
14. Wee Dot (alt tk 2 - incomplete) (V) 2:33
(J.J. Johnson)
15. Wee Dot (V) 2:40
(J.J. Johnson)
16. Wee Dot (alt tk 3) (V) 2:27
(J.J. Johnson)
17. Solitude (V) 2:53
18. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk) (V) 2:56
(Leo Parker)
19. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 2 - incomplete) (V) 2:38
(Leo Parker)
20. The Lion’s Roar (V) 2:59
(Leo Parker)
21. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 3) (V) 2:51
(Leo Parker)
22. Mad Lad Boogie (V) 2:47
(Leo Parker)

1. Dexter’s Mood (alt tk) (W) 3:04
(Dexter Gordon-Tadd Dameron)
2. Dexter’s Mood (W) 2:51
(Dexter Gordon-Tadd Dameron)
3. Dextrose (alt tk) (W) 3:42
(Tadd Dameron)
4. Dextrose (W) 2:48
(Tadd Dameron)
5. Index (alt tk) (W) 3:27
(Dexter Gordon)
6. Index (W) 3:03
(Dexter Gordon)
7. Dextivity (alt tk) (W) 3:48
(Tadd Dameron)
8. Dextivity (W) 3:00
(Tadd Dameron)
9. Boneology (alt tk) (X) 3:12
(J.J. Johnson)
10. Boneology (X) 2:59
(J.J. Johnson)
11. Down Vernon’s Alley (alt tk) (X) 2:19
(J.J. Johnson)
12. Down Vernon’s Alley (X) 2:34
(J.J. Johnson)
13. Yesterdays (X) 2:59
(O. Harbach-J. Kern)
14. Riffette (alt tk) (X) 2:27
(J.J. Johnson)
15. Riffette (X) 2:28
(J.J. Johnson)
16. Merry Lee (Y) 2:07
(Howard McGhee)
17. Short Life (Y) 1:58
(Howard McGhee)
18. It’s The Talk Of The Town (Y) 2:52
19. Bass C Jam (Byas A Drink) (Y) (alt tk) 2:38
(Don Byas)
20. Bass C Jam (Byas A Drink) (Y) 2:58
(Don Byas)
21. Down Home (Y) 2:51
(Howard McGhee)
22. Sweet And Lovely (Y) 3:01
(G. Arnheim-H. Tobias-J. Lemare)
23. Fiesta (Short Life) (Y) 2:11
(Howard McGhee)
24. I’m In The Mood For Love (Y) 2:58
(J. McHugh-D. Fields)

1. Flip Lip (Z) 2:32
(Howard McGhee)
2. Belle From Bunnycock (alt tk) (Z) 2:45
(Howard McGhee)
3. Belle From Bunnycock (Z) 2:45
(Howard McGhee)
4. The Last Word (Z) 2:25
(Howard McGhee)
5. The Man I Love (Z) 2:46
(G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
6. On The House (AA) 3:00
(Leo Parker)
7. Dinky (AA) 2:26
(Leo Parker)
8. Senor Leo (AA) 2:40
(Leo Parker)
9. Chase ‘N’ Lion (AA) 2:48
(Leo Parker)
10. Leo’s Bells (AA) 2:26
(Leo Parker)
11. Sweet Talkin’ Leo (AA) 2:25
(Leo Parker)
12. Swinging For Love (AA) 2:31
(Leo Parker)
13. The New Look (AA) 2:28
(Leo Parker)
14. Brew Blew (alt tk) (BB) 2:51
(Brew Moore)
15. Brew Blew (BB) 2:56
(Brew Moore)
16. Blue Brew (alt tk)  (BB) 2:54
(Brew Moore)
17. Blue Brew (alt tk 2) (BB) 2:36
(Brew Moore)
18. Blue Brew (BB) 2:36
(Brew Moore)
19. No More Brew (BB) 2:52
(Brew Moore)
20. More Brew (alt tk) (BB) 2:40
(Brew Moore)
21. More Brew (BB) 3:04
(Brew Moore)

1. Conglomeration (CC) 2:55
(Milt Jackson)
2. Bruz (CC) 2:53
(Milt Jackson)
3. You Go To My Head (CC) 2:58
(J.F. Coots-H. Gillespie)
4. Roll ‘Em Bags (CC) 2:41
(Kenny Clarke)
5. Faultless (CC) 2:38
(Ozzie Cadena)
6. Hey Frenchy (CC) 2:38
(Ozzie Cadena)
7. Hearing Bells (alt tk) (DD) 2:53
(Milt Jackson)
8. Hearing Bells (DD) 2:53
(Milt Jackson)
9. Junior (alt tk) (DD) 2:34
(Milt Jackson)
10. Junior (DD) 2:34
(Milt Jackson)
11. Bluesology (alt tk) (DD) 2:47
(Milt Jackson)
12. Bluesology (DD) 2:47
(Milt Jackson)
13. Bubu (DD) 2:34
(Milt Jackson)
14. Stan Getz Along (alt tk) (EE) 2:55
(Al Cohn)
15. Stan Gezs Along (EE) 2:56
(Al Cohn)
16. Stan’s Mood (alt tk) (EE) 2:41
(Al Cohn)
17. Stan’s Mood (EE) 2:42
(Al Cohn)
18. Slow (alt tk) (EE) 2:55
(Al Cohn)
19. Slow (alt tk 2) (EE) 2:53
(Al Cohn)
20. Slow (EE) 2:52
(Al Cohn)
21. Fast (alt tk) (EE) 3:06
(Al Cohn)
22. Fast (EE) 3:07
(Al Cohn)

1.Audobahn (alt tk) (FF) 2:48
(Sonny Rollins)
2. Audobahn (FF) 2:47
(Sonny Rollins)
3. Don’t Blame Me (FF) 2:48
(J. McHugh-D. Fields)
4, Goof Square (alt tk) (FF) 1:56
(Sonny Rollins)
5. Goof Square (alt tk 2) (FF) 2:29
(Sonny Rollins)
6. Goof Square (FF) 2:26
(Sonny Rollins)
7. Bee Jay (alt tk) (FF) 2:33
(J.J. Johnson)
8. Bee Jay (FF) 2:28
(J.J. Johnson)
9. Mud Bug (alt tk) (GG) 2:37
(Jerry Lloyd)
10. Mud Bug (GG) 2:42
(Jerry Lloyd)
11. Gold Rush (alt tk) (GG) 2:54
(Gerry Mulligan)
12. Gold Rush (GG) 3:08
(Gerry Mulligan)
13. Lestorian Mode (alt tk) (GG) 2:32
(John Carisi)
14. Lestorian Mode (GG) 2:33
(John Carisi)
15. Kai’s Kid (GG) 2:55
(Kai Winding)
16. Kai’s Kid (alt tk) (GG) 2:49
(Kai Winding)
17. Mean To Me (HH) 3:16
(R. Turk-F. Ahlert)
18. Blues To A Debutante (HH) 2:46
(Gil Fuller)
19. The Scene Changes (HH) 2:48
(Gil Fuller)
20. Tropicana (HH) 2:54
(Gil Fuller)

For the purposes of this discography only the first issue is given, be it a 78 single (the three digit numbers), EP, LP or CD. Alternate titles used for many of these compositions appear in parentheses. 

Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Sadik Hakim (Argonne Thornton), piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Ed Nicholson, drums.
NYC October 30, 1945

S5841-2 Blow Mr. Dexter (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S5841-3 Blow Mr. Dexter Savoy 576
S5842-1 Dexter’s Deck -
S5843-1 Dexter’s Cuttin’ Out Savoy 612
S5844-1 Dexter’s Minor Mad -

Shorty Rogers, trumpet; Kai Winding, trombone; Stan Getz, tenor sax; Shorty Allen, piano; Iggy Shevack, bass; Shelly Manne, drums.
WOR Studios, NYC December 14, 1945
S5866 Sweet Miss (alt tk) Savoy SJL1105
S5866 Sweet Miss Savoy 602
S5867 Loaded (alt tk) Savoy SJL1105
S5867 Loaded Savoy 602
S5868 Grab Your Axe Max (alt tk) Savoy SJL1105
S5868 Grab Your Axe Max Savoy 590
S5869 Always -

Leonard Hawkins, trumpet; Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Bud Powell, piano; Curly Russell, bass’ Max Roach, drums.
NYC January 29, 1946

S5878-1 Long Tall Dexter (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S5878-2 Long Tall Dexter Savoy 603
S5879-1 Dexter Rides Again Savoy 623
S5880-3 I Can’t Escape From You (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S5880-7 I Can’t Escape From You Savoy 595
S5881-1 Dexter Digs In (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S5881-2 Dexter Digs In Savoy 595
S5881-4 Dexter Digs In (alt tk 2) Savoy (CD) SVY-17027

Allen Eager, tenor sax; Ed Finckel, piano; Bob Carter, bass; Max Roach, drums.
NYC March 22, 1946

S59000 Rampage Savoy 611
S59001 Vot’s Dot (Static) Savoy 621
S59002 Booby Hatch (Pogo Stick) Savoy 611
S59003 Symphony Sid’s Idea (Zadah) Savoy 909

J.J. Johnson, trombone; Cecil Payne, alto sax; Bud Powell, piano; Leonard Gaskin, bass; Max Roach, drums.
WOR Studios, NYC June 26, 1946
S3309-1 Jay Bird (alt tk) Savoy SJL2232
S3309-9 Jay Bird (alt tk 2) -
S3309-11 Jay Bird Savoy 975
S3310-1 Coppin’ The Bop Savoy 615
S3311-1 Jay Jay (alt tk) Savoy SJL2232
S3311-2 Jay Jay Savoy 615
S3311-4 Jay Jay (alt tk 2) Savoy SJL2232
S3312-1 Mad Be Bop Savoy 930

Stan Getz, tenor sax; Hank Jones, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Max Roach, drums.
Schurmer Studios, NYC July 31, 1946
S3321-1 Opus De Bop (alt tk) Savoy (CD) SVY-17121
S3321-2 Opus De Bop Savoy 903
S3321-3  Opus De Bop (alt tk 2) Savoy (CD) SVY-17121
S3322 And The Angels Swing Savoy 909
S3323 Running Water Savoy 954
S3324 Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me Savoy 932

Kenny Dorham, trumpet; Sonny Stitt, alto sax; Bud Powell, piano; Al Hall, bass; Wallace Bishop, drums.
NYC August 23, 1946 (morning session)
S3338-2 Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 1) Savoy (CD) SVY-17028
S3338-3 Bebop In Pastel (take 3 EP mater) Savoy XP8045
S3338-4 Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 2) Savoy SJL2247
S3338-? Bebop In Pastel (LP master) Savoy MG9014
S3339 Fool’s Fancy Savoy XP8044
S3340 Bombay -
S3341A Ray’s Idea Savoy 619

NOTE: “Bebop In Pastel” and “Fool’s Fancy” were recorded by Powell on August 9, 1949 as “Bouncin’ With Bud” and “Wail” respectively. 

(H) Kenny Clarke replaces Wallace Bishop, drums.
NYC August 23, 1946 (afternoon session)
S3342 Serenade To A Square Savoy 940
S3343A Good Kick Savoy 619
S3344 Seven Up (alt tk) Savoy SJL2247 
S3344 Seven Up Savoy 930
S3345 Blues In BeBop (alt tk) (as Blues A La Bud) Savoy MG9034
S3345 Blues In BeBop Savoy 978

Fats Navarro, Kenny Dorham, trumpets; Sonny Stitt, alto sax; Morris Lane, tenor sax; Eddie De Verteuil, baritone sax; Bud Powell, piano; Al Hall, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums, Gil Fuller, arranger.
NYC September 6, 1946
Produced by Gil Fuller

S3346/7 Boppin’ A Riff Savoy 588
S3348/9 Fat Boy Savoy 587
S3350/1 Everything’s Cool Savoy 586
S3352/3 Webb City Savoy 585

NOTE: The original acetates of this session have never been found to present the full unbroken performances. So we are left with fade down/fade up in the middle of each piece where parts one and two were divided.

Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Burns, trumpets; John Brown, alto sax; James Moody, tenor sax; Milt Jackson, vibes; Hank Jones, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Joe Harris, drums. Gil Fuller, arranger. 
NYC September 25, 1946
S3354-2 For Hecklers Only Savoy 976
S3355B Smoky Hollow Jump Savoy 902
S3356B Boppin’ The Blues (Dizz-Moody/Diz-iz) Savoy 940
S3357B Moody Speaks Savoy 902

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, tenor sax; Al Haig, piano; Huey Long, guitar; Gene Ramey, bass; Denzil Best, drums.
NYC December 18, 1946
S3367 Calling Dr. Jazz Savoy 907
S3368 Fracture Savoy 933
S3369A Hollerin’ And Screamin’ Savoy 904
S3370 Stealin’ Trash Savoy 907

Same personnel:
NYC December 20, 1946
S3371A Just A Mystery Savoy 705
S3372A Red Pepper -
S3373 Spinal Savoy 933
S3374 Maternity (Lard Pot) Savoy 904

Kai Winding, valve trombone; Allen Eager, tenor sax; Marty Napoleon, piano; Eddie Safranski, bass;
Shelly Manne, drums.
NYC January 22, 1947
S3375 O-Go-No Savoy 905
S3376-2 Mr. Dues Savoy 975
S3377 Oh Kai (Kai’s Day) Savoy MG9017
S3378 Saxon Savoy MG9025

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Tadd Dameron, piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Denzil Best, drums.
NYC January 29, 1947
S3383-2 Fat Girl Savoy 906
S3384-2 Ice Freezes Red Savoy 976
S3385 Eb Pob Savoy 905
S3386 Goin’ To Minton’s Savoy 951

Red Rodney, trumpet; Earl Swope, trombone; Serge Chaloff,  baritone sax; George Wallington, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Tiny Kahn, drums.
NYC March 5, 1947
S3412-4 Pumpernickel (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3412-5 Pumpernickel Savoy 956
S3413-1 Garbardine And Serge (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3413-3 Garbardine And Serge Savoy 978
S3414-2 Serge’s Urge (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3414-3 Serge’s Urge Savoy 956
S3415-3 A Bar A Second (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3415-4 A Bar A Second Savoy 903

Allen Eager, tenor sax; Terry Gibbs, vibes; Duke Jordan, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Max Roach, drums.
NYC July 15, 1947
S3432 All Night, All Frantic Savoy 948
S3433 Donald Jay Savoy 908
S3434 Meeskite -
S3435 And That’s For Sure Savoy 948

Kenny Hagood, vocal; Elmon Wright, trumpet; Howard Johnson, Ernie Henry, alto sax; Cecil Payne, baritone sax; John Lewis, piano; Nelson Boyd, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums.
NYC August 27, 1947
S3448 Goodbye To Love Savoy 660
S3449 Baby I’m Comin’ Home Savoy SJL2225
S3450 The Way You Look Tonight Savoy 660
S3451 Foolish Me unissued, master no longer exists

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Gene Ammons, tenor sax; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Junior Mance, piano; Gene Wright, bass; Charles Williams, drums.
Detroit, October 4, 1947
DET800 El Sino Savoy 912
DET801 Ineta Savoy 954
DET802 Wild Leo Savoy 912
DET803 Leapin’ Leo Savoy 950

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Ernie Henry, alto sax; Tadd Dameron, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums, Kay Penton, vocal-1.
NYC October 28, 1947
S3465-1 A Bebop Carol (alt tk) Savoy SJL2216
S3465-6 A Bebop Carol Savoy 931
S3466-1 The Tadd Walk -
S3467-3 Gone With The Wind -1 Savoy MG9023
S3468-3 That Someone Must Be You -1 Savoy MG9024

Doug Mettome, trumpet; Allen Eager, tenor sax; George Wallington, piano; Leonard Gaskin, bass; Stan Levey, drums.
NYC November 6, 1947
S3469-2 Nightmare Allen (alt tk) Savoy SJL 2236
S3469-5 Nightmare Allen Savoy 958
S3470-3 Church Mouse (alt tk) Savoy SJL 2236
S3470-4 Church Mouse Savoy 958
S3471-4 Jane’s Bounce (alt tk) Savoy SJL 2236
S3471-5 Jane’s Bounce Savoy 932
S3472-3 Unmeditated (alt tk) Savoy SJL 2236
S3472-4 Unmeditated Savoy MG9026

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Charlie Rouse, tenor sax; Tadd Dameron, piano; Nelson Boyd, bass; Art Blakey, drums.
NYC December 5, 1947
S3483-1 Nostalgia (alt tk) Savoy SJL2216
S3483-6 Nostalgia Savoy 955
S3484-3 Barry’s Bop (alt tk) Savoy SJL2216
S3484-6 Barry’s Bop Savoy 959
A3485-1 Bebop Romp (alt tk) Savoy SJL2216
A3485-6 Bebop Romp Savoy 959
A3486-1 Fats Blows Savoy MG9019

Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Tadd Dameron, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Art Blakey, drums.
NYC December 11, 1947
S3491/2-3 Settin’ The Pace Savoy 913
S3493-2 So Easy (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S3493-3 So Easy Savoy 960
S3494-1 Dexter’s Riff (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S3494-2 Dexter’s Riff Savoy 960

Joe Newman, trumpet; J.J. Johnson, trombone; Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Hank Jones, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Shadow Wilson, drums.
NYC December 19, 1947
S3495-1 Wee Dot (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S3495-2 Wee Dot (alt tk 2 incomplete) Savoy SJL2225
S3495-3 Wee Dot Savoy 950
S3495-4 Wee Dot (alt tk 3) Savoy SJL2225 
S3496-2 Solitude Savoy 929
S3497-1 The Lion’s Roar (alt tk) Savoy SJL2211
S3497-2 The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 2 incomplete) Savoy SJL2225
S3497-3 The Lion’s Roar Savoy MG9026
S3497-4 The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 3) Savoy SJL2225
S3498-3 Mad Lad Boogie Savoy 929

Fats Navarro, trumpet; Dexter Gordon, tenor sax; Tadd Dameron, piano; Nelson Boyd, bass; Art Mardigan, drums.
NYC December 22, 1947
S3511-1 Dexter’s Mood (alt tk) Savoy (CD) SVY-17027
S3511-2 Dexter’s Mood Savoy MG9016
S3512-1 Dextrose (alt tk) Savoy (CD) SVY-17027
S3512-2 Dextrose Savoy 955
S3513-1 Index (alt tk) Savoy (CD) SVY-17027
S3513-2 Index Savoy MG9003
S3514-1 Dextivity (alt tk) Savoy (CD) SVY-17027
S3514-2 Dextivity Savoy MG9003

J.J. Johnson, trombone; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Hank Jones, piano; Al Lucas, bass; Shadow Wilson, drums.
Harry Smith Studio, NYC December 24, 1947
S3519 Boneology (Boney) (alt tk) Savoy SJL2253
S3519 Boneology (Boney) Savoy 942
S3520 Down Vernon’s Alley (alt tk) Savoy SJL2253
S3520 Down Vernon’s Alley Savoy 942
S3521 Yesterdays Savoy MG15048
S3522 Riffette (alt tk) Savoy SJL2253
S3522 Riffette Savoy MG15048

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Jimmy Heath, alto sax, baritone sax; Milt Jackson, vibes; Will Davis, piano; Percy Heath, bass; Joe Harris, drums.
United Broadcasting, Chicago, late December 1947
(master purchase)
Merry Lee (Merie-Lee) Savoy MG12026
Short Life -
It’s The Talk Of The Town -
Bass C Jam (alt tk) (Byas A Drink) Savoy SJL2219
Bass C Jam (Byas A Drink) Savoy MG12026
Down Home (Down Home Jump) -
Sweet And Lovely (omit sax) -
Fiesta (Short Life) -
I’m In The Mood For Love (omit sax) -

NOTE: Arthur Zimmerman has researched this session and came up with the following information:
“This session dates from December 24-31, 1947 while Howard was at the Argyle Lounge in Chicago.  These were recorded for VitaCoustic and may come from 2 or 3 different sessions.  The material, never issued by VitaCoustic which went bankrupt, wound up with Al Benson who sold these sides to Savoy. In addition to these titles, there were four additional tunes not purchased by Savoy from a session that included Earl Coleman, two of which were issued on Benson’s Old Swing-Master label.”

Howard McGhee, trumpet; Billy Eckstine, valve trombone; Kenny Mann, tenor sax;  Hank Jones, piano; Ray Brown, bass; J.C. Heard, drums, Marcel Daniels, vocal-1.
United Broadcasting, Chicago, late 1947
(master purchase)
Flip Lip -1 Savoy MG12026
Belle From Bunnycock (alt tk) Savoy SJL2219
Belle From Bunnycock  (Bells For Benny) Savoy MG12026
The Last Word -1 -
The Man I Love (omit vtb, sax) -

NOTE: Arthur Zimmerman has researched this session and came up with the following information:
“This session dates from either Oct. 15 or Nov. 10, 1947.  According to Kenny Mann, he had a group that played the opening of the JATP concert.  Howard had heard him and invited him to the record session which was scheduled for the following day.  JATP played Chicago twice in ’47 resulting the two possible dates. The session was for VitaCoustic [see footnote for session Y]. Mann told me that it was the JATP rhythm section on the date, and that seems logical despite what Howard and some earlier discographies stated.  Mann told me that he had a photographic memory of the date which was his first recording session.”

Joe Newman, trumpet; Leo Parker, baritone sax; Sir Charles Thompson, piano; Al Lucas, bass; Jack “The Bear” Parker, drums.
Detroit, March 23, 1948
D842 On The House Savoy 957
D843 Dinky (omit tp) -
D844 Senor Leo Savoy 935
D845 Chase ‘N’ Lion -

Add Charlie Rouse, tenor sax:

D846 Leo’s Bells (Leo’s Blues) Savoy MG9009
D847 Sweet Talkin’ Leo -
D848 Swinging For Love -
D849 The New Look -

Brew Moore, tenor sax; Gene DiNovi, piano; Jimmy Johnson, bass; Jimmy Dee or Stan Levey, drums.
NYC October 22, 1948
S3913 Brew Blew (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3913 Brew Blew Savoy 943
S3914 Blue Brew (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3914 Blue Brew (alt tk 2) -
S3914 Blue Brew Savoy XP8066
S3915 No More Brew Savoy 943
S3916 More Brew (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S3916 More Brew Savoy XP8066

NOTE: Brew Blew  is issued as Brew Blue on SJL 2210.

Kenny Dorham, trumpet, piano-1; Julius Watkins, French horn; Billy Mitchell, tenor sax; Milt Jackson, vibes, piano-2; Curly Russell, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums, Joe Harris, timbales, conga).
NYC January 25, 1949
(master purchase)
KC171C Conglomeration-2 Savoy MG12042
KC172A Bruz -2 Century 1502
KC173C You Go To My Head -1 Century 1501
KC174B Roll ‘Em Bags -2 -
KC175B Faultless (Don’t Blame Me) -2 (omit tp,ts, perc) Century 1502
KC176B Hey Frenchy (French Licks) -2 (omit tp, ts) Savoy MG12042

NOTE: Generally, Milt Jackson plays piano when he is not soloing on vibes. On “Roll ‘Em Bags” and “Hey Frenchy”, he solos on piano.

Bill Massey, trumpet; Julius Watkins, French horn; Billy Mitchell, tenor sax; Milt Jackson, vibes; Walter Bishop, Jr., piano; Nelson Boyd, bass; Roy Haynes, drums.
NYC February 23, 1949
S36-110-3 Hearing Bells (alt tk) Savoy (CD) 92862-2
S36-110-5 Hearing Bells Savoy MG12061
S36-111-4 Junior (alt tk) Savoy MG12061
S36-111-6 Junior Savoy 946
S36-112-2 Bluesology (alt tk) Savoy MG12061
S36-112-3 Bluesology Savoy SJL1130
S36-113    Bubu Savoy 946

Earl Swope, trombone; Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, tenor sax; Al Cohn, tenor sax, arranger;  Duke Jordan, piano; Jimmy Raney, guitar; Mert Oliver, bass; Charlie Perry, drums.
Harry Smith Studio, NYC May 2, 1949
S36-126-3 Stan Getz Along (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S36-126-4 Stan Getz Along Savoy 966
S36-127   Stan’s Mood (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S36-127    Stan’s Mood Savoy 966
S36-128-1 Slow (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S36-128-2 Slow (alt tk 2) Savoy (CD) SVY-17121
S36-128-3 Slow Savoy 967
S36-129-1 Fast (alt tk) Savoy SJL2210
S36-129-3 Fast Savoy 967

J.J. Johnson, trombone; Sonny Rollins, tenor sax; John Lewis, piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Shadow Wilson, drums.
Harry Smith Studio, NYC May 11, 1949
S36-130-1 Audobahn (alt tk) Savoy SJL2232
S36-130-3 Audobahn Savoy 947
S36-131-1 Don’t’ Blame Me Savoy 949
S36-132-2 Goof Square (alt tk) Savoy SJL2232
S36-132-4 Goof Square (alt tk 2) -
S36-132-8 Goof Square Savoy MG15049
S36-133-3 Bee Jay (alt tk) Savoy SJL2232
S36-133-5 Bee Jay Savoy 949

Jerry Lloyd, trumpet; Kai Winding, trombone; Brew Moore, tenor sax; Gerry Mulligan, baritone sax; George Wallington, piano; Curly Russell, bass; Roy Haynes, drums.
NYC May 20, 1949
S36-134-1 Mud Bug (alt tk) Savoy SJL2236
S36-134-6 Mud Bug Savoy 968
S36-135-1 Gold Rush (alt tk) Savoy SJL2236
S36-135-5 Gold Rush Savoy 968
S36-136-4 Lestorian Mode (alt tk) Savoy SJL2236
S36-136-5 Lestorian Mode Savoy 953
S36-137-2 Kai’s Kid -
S36-137-5 Kai’s Kid (alt tk) Savoy SJL2236

Dave Burns, Bill Massey, Abdul Salaam. Mustapha Daleel, trumpets; Clarence Ross, Rip Tarrant, Charlie Johnson, Saleen Rasheed, trombones;  Sahib Shihab, Jimmy Heath, alto saxes; Billy Mitchell, Pritchard Chessman, tenor saxes; Cecil Payne, baritone sax; Milt Jackson, vibes, piano; Percy Heath, bass; Art Blakey, drums, Gil Fuller, arranger, conductor, vocal-1.
NYC June 11, 1949
Produced by Gil Fuller
(master  purchase)
D172 Mean To Me -1 Discovery 115
D173 Blues To A Debutante Discovery 108
D174 The Scene Changes Discovery 115
D175 Tropicana Discovery 108

XP8044 Sonny Stitt – New Trends In Jazz, Vol. 8
XP8045 Sonny Stitt – New Trends In Jazz, Vol. 9
XP8066 Brew Moore, Vol. 1

10” LPs:\
MG9003 Dexter Gordon And His Boys
MG9014 New Sound In Modern Music, Vol. 1 – Sonny Stitt/The Bebop Boys
MG9016 New Sound In Modern Music, Vol. 3 – Dexter Gordon
MG9017 New Sound In Modern Music, Vol. 4 – Kai Winding
MG9019 New Sound In Modern Music, Vol. 6 – Fats Navarro
MG9023 Birth Of The Bop, Vol. 2 (Various Artists)
MG9024 Birth Of The Bop, Vol. 3 (Various Artists)
MG9025 Birth Of The Bop, Vol. 4 (Various Artists)
MG9026 Birth Of The Bop, Vol. 5 (Various Artists)
MG9034 Bird – Diz – Bud - Max (Various Artists)
MG15048 J.J. Johnson Sextet – Kai Winding’s All Stars
MG15049 J.J. Johnson-Kai Winder Sextet

12” LPs:
MG12026 The Howard McGhee Sextet with Milt Jackson
MG12042 Milt Jackson – Roll ‘Em Bags
MG12061 Meet Milt Jackson
SJL1103 Gene Ammons – Red Top
SJL1105 Stan Getz – Opus De Bop
SJL1130 Milt Jackson/Kenny Clarke – Bluesology

Double LPs:
SJL2210 Brothers And Other Mothers (Various Artists)
SJL2211 Dexter Gordon – Long Tall Dexter
SJL2216 Fats Navarro – Fat Girl
SJL2219 Howard McGhee - Maggie
SJL2225 The BeBop Boys (Various Artists)
SJL2232 J.J. Johnson – Mad BeBop
SJL2236 Brothers And Other Mothers, Vol. 2 (Various Artists)
SJL2247 The Modern Jazz Piano Album Various Artists)
SJL2253 The Trombone Album (Various Artists)

SVY-17027 Dexter Gordon – Settin’ The Pace
SVY-17028 Kenny Dorham – Blues In Bebop
SVY-17121 Stan Getz – The Complete Savoy Recordings
92862-2 Milt Jackson – Early Modern

Produced for release by Michael Cuscuna
All sessions, unless otherwise noted or master purchases, were originally produced by Teddy Reig.
Original transfers by Jack Towers, Rudy Van Gelder, Steven Lasker and Paul Reid III.
Restoration and mastering by Steve Marlowe utilizing Bit Density Processing, in association with Jonathan Horwich of International Phonograph, Inc. 

Design Production: InkWell, Inc.
All photographs by Francis Wolff, courtesy of Mosaic Images LLC.

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