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Stan Getz:The 1953-54 Norgran Studio Sessions (4 LPs)(#3003)

Stan Getz:The 1953-54 Norgran Studio Sessions (4 LPs)(#3003)
4 LPs (180 gram) - $90.00


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Stan Getz



Record One

Side A

1. Have You Met Miss Jones (A) 3:13

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

2, Erudtion (A) 3:08

            (Bob Brookmeyer)

3. Cool Mix (A) 3:03

            (Bob Brookmeyer)

4. Rustic Hop (A) 3:44

            (Bob Brookmeyer)

5. Love And The Weather (B) 6:29

            (Irving Berlin)

Record One

Side B:

1. Spring Is Here (B) 6:06

            (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

2. Pot Luck (D) 3:54

            (Johnny Mandel)

3. Willow Weep For Me (C) 5:18

            (Ann Ronell)

4. Crazy Rhythm (B) 5:49


5. The Nearness Of You (D) 3:40

            (H. Carmichael-N. Washington)

Record Two

Side A:

1. Minor Blues (C) 7:01

            (Bob Brookmeyer)

2. Fascinating Rhythm (C) 7:59

            (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

3. I Didnít Know What Time It Was (D) 7:36

            (R. Rodgers ĖL. Hart)

Record Two

Side B:

1. Tangerine (D) 7:01

            (J. Mercer-V. Schertzinger)

2. It Donít Mean A Thing (B) 6:17

            (D. Ellington-I. Mills)

3. The Varsity Drag (B)  6:55

            (Brown-De Sylva-Henderson)

Record Three

Side A:

1. Give Me The Simple Life (F) 5:51

            (H. Ruby-R. Bloom)

2. Iíll Remember April (F) 10:53


3. Oh Jane Snavely (F) 6:06

            (Bob Brookmeyer)

Record Three

Side B:

1. Weíll Be Together Again (F) 8:42

            (F. Laine-C. Fischer)

2. Feather Merchant (F) 8:14

            (J. Mundy-C. Basie)

3. Flamingo (F) 7:27

            (E. Anderson-T. Grouya)

Record Four

Side A:

1. It Donít Mean A Thing (alt version) (B) 6:36

            (D. Ellington-I. Mills)

2. Pot Luck (78 take) (D) 3:16

            (Johnny Mandel)

3. Blue Bells (G) 7:05

            (Phil Sunkel) 

4. Round Up Time (G) 7:02

            (Phil Sunkel) 

Record Four

Side B:

1. Nobody Else But Me (E) 3:32

            (O. Hammerstein-J. Kern)

2. Down By The Sycamore Tree (E) 3:00

            (public domain)

3. I Hadnít Anyone Till You (E) 2:49

            (Ray Noble)

4. With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair (E) 3:46

            (J. Lawrence-C. Edwards)

5. Nobody Else But Me (alt tk) (E) 4:40

            (O. Hammerstein-J. Kern)

6. I Hadnít Anyone Till You (alt tk) (E) 3:02

            (Ray Noble)


For the purposes of this discography, only the first LP issue is included. All Hollywood sessions were recorded at Radio Records.

(A) Stan Getz (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (v tb), John Williams (p), Bill Crow (b), Al Levitt (d).

Fulton Studios, New York City, April 16, 1953

1214-1 Cool Mix                                             Clef MGC 143

1215-5 Rustic Bop                                                       -          

1216-1 Have You Met Miss Jones                              -

1217-2 Erudition                                                          -


(B) Stan Getz (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (v tb), John Williams (p), Teddy Kotick (b), Frank Isola (d).

Hollywood, July 27, 1953

1241-4 Love And The Weather                        Norgran MGN 1000

1242-3 It Donít Mean A Thing                           MGN 1029

1243-4 Spring Is Here                                                    MGN 1000

1244-1 The Varsity Rag                                                 MGN 1029

1245-2 Crazy Rhythm                                                    MGN 1000

Note: Most discographies date this session as July 30, but the session tapes are clearly labeled July 27, which conforms to Granzís master number sequence.

 (C) Stan Getz (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (v tb), John Williams (p), Teddy Kotick (b), Frank Isola (d).

Hollywood, August 15, 1953

1263-1 Minor Blues                                         Norgran MGN 1008

1264-2 Fascinatiní Rhythm                                                       -

1265-3 Willow Weep For Me                                        MGN 1000

 (D) Stan Getz (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (v tb), John Williams (p), Teddy Kotick (b), Frank Isola (d).

Hollywood, August 22, 1953

1275-2 It Donít Mean A Thing (alt vers)           previously unissued

1276-1 I Didnít Know What Time It Was        Norgran MGN 1008

1277-1 Tangerine                                                                     -

1278-2 The Nearness Of You                                        MGN 1000

1279-2 Pot Luck                                                                      -

1279-3 Pot Luck (78 take)                                           106 (78)

(E) Stan Getz (ts), Jimmy Rowles (p), Bob Whitlock (b), Max Roach (d).

Hollywood, January 23, 1954

1494-2 Nobody Else But Me (alt tk)                            previously unissued

1494-5 Nobody Else But Me                                       Verve MGV 8200

1495-1 With The Wind And Rain In Your Haor            Norgran MGN 1034

1496-2 I Hadnít Anyone Till You (alt tk)                      previously unissued

1496-6 I Hadnít Anyone Till You                                 Norgran MGN 1034

1497-3 Down By The Sycamore Tree              Verve MGV 8200

(F) Stan Getz (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (v tb), John Williams (p), Bill Anthony (b), Frank Isola (d).

Hollywood, November 9, 1954

2036-1 Give Me The Simple Life                                  Norgran MGN 1029

2037-1 Oh Jane Snavely                                                                      -

2038-2 Weíll Be Together Again                                                MGN 2000-2

2039-1 Feather Merchant                                                                     -

2040-1 Iíll Remember April                                                        MGN 1029

2041-1 Flamingo                                                          Verve MGV 8200

(G) Stan Getz (ts), Tony Fruscella (tp), John Williams (p), Bill Anthony (b), Frank Isola (d).

                                                Fine Sound, New York City, January 31, 1955

2229-2 Blue Bells                                                         Verve MGV 8200

2230-2 Round Up Time                                                                       -

Album index

Clef MGC 143             The Artistry of Stan Getz (10Ē)

Norgran MGN 1000                Interpretations By The Stan Getz Quintet (12Ē)

Norgran MGN 1008                Interpretations By The Stan Getz Quintet #2 (12Ē)

Norgran MGN 1029                Interpretations By The Stan Getz Quintet #3 (12Ē)

Norgran MGN 1034                Tenor Saxes (Various Artists) (12Ē)

Norgran MGN 2000-2             Stan Getz At The Shrine (12Ē)

Verve MGV 8200                    Stan Getz And The Cool Sounds (12Ē)


The original full-track mono masters were used in the creation of the masters for this set with one exception. No tape exists on the 78 take of Pot Luck. This tune was transferred from a 78 rpm pressing by Kevin Reeves.

Original session produced by Norman Granz

Original sessions produced by Norman Granz

Recording engineers: Val Valentin (B-F), Aaron Nathanson (G)

Produced for release by Michael Cuscuna

Tape transfers: Malcolm Addey

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Sound, North Hills, CA

Special thanks to Harry Weinger, Tad Hershon and Cynthia Sesso

This compilation (p)2011 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings Inc., Santa Monica, CA 90404-U.S.A. Manufactured by Universal Music Enterprises. Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


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