"For a complete study of the jazz musician, there is absolutely nothing in any record store that can compete with, or come close to, a Mosaic set."
- Jules Epstein, Philadelphia Tribune

Six of Our Personal Favorites
Every Element of our sets reflects the quality and the integrity that this music deserves and if you own a Mosaic Records box set, you know Why Mosaic Sets have been critically acclaimed. Although music is difficult to describe, here are six distinct styles that cover a variety of jazz. There are also audio clips, reviews and descriptions on all of our sets to help you choose.

The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions (#181)
Brilliant Solos Fueled By Hard Bop Rhythm
The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions (#181)
As one of the founding members of the original Jazz Messengers, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley was part of a brilliant innovation. The world came to know it as hard bop. It was the sound of its day, and it codified what came to be called the "Blue Note sound." - Limited Edition: 7500 Copies
6 CDs - $96.00  
Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Qt./Sxt. Sessions (#212)
Straight Ahead Mixture of Jazz and R&B
Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Qt./Sxt. Sessions (#212)
Strong, bluesy and soulful. The six Blue Note dates collected on our Mosaic set are in a class by themselves; they are pure hard bop with Stanley Turrentine sharing the front line with a horn equal to him in talent. - Limited Edition: 5000 Copies
5 CDs - $80.00  

Mosaic Selects & Mosaic Singles
In addition to our Limited Edition Box Sets, we also offer Mosaic Select (3 CD sets) & Mosaic Singles (1 CD). Smaller in scope than our box set offerings, they still carry our full attention to quality of music and audio restoration. Take a look at Five of our Customer Favorites

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