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The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (#260)


The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (#260)
As most jazz fans know, among the most important records to hear in your life are Charlie Parkerís Dial Sessions, recorded between 1946 and 1947. But Dial was way more than Parker. It was a microcosm of the explosive changes happening at a moment in time. And we have everything. Every master, every important alternate, and many intriguing false starts, on nine CDs. The set was only previously collected in Japan 20 years ago. Now itís available worldwide at last. - Limited Edition: 7,500 Copies
9 CDs - $149.00  

Future Projects - Not Yet Available for Pre-Order

Here's a look at sets that we are currently working on at Mosaic.

Each of our sets is a time-consuming affair to assemble from securing rights to tape research to studio mastering to the photographic, historical and discographical research for our booklets. Each step is fraught with surprises and therefore it is possible that the Future Projects may not see the light of day. These are not yet available for preorder

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