Bud Freeman- Chicago/ Austin High School (MCD-1002)

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Bud Freeman- Chicago/ Austin High School (MCD-1002)

"In his record dates, Freeman generally participated in traditional Chicago-styleprojects involving the Condonites. One of the best of these has just been reissued on the new Mosaic SIngle series." - Will Friedwald, New York Sun
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Freeman and Teagarden at the Top of Their Game

The performances contained herein of three sessions led by Bud Freeman, one of the founders of the Chicago jazz style, on RCA Victor in 1957 are further proof that even the age of some of the participants and the constant repetition of these tried and true warhorses hadn't diminished any individualistic fire or creative thought process. Given the changes in jazz and the public's musical taste during the late 1950s, it is remarkable that Bud Freeman got to make an album on a major label at all!

Wisely, the great tenor saxophonist did not waste this rare opportunity and assembled three excellent bands to tackle 14 venerated compositions from the '20s and '30s. as well as one new tune, composed by Freeman and Dick Cary. Sidemen include Jimmy McPartland or Billy Butterfield on trumpet, Tyree Glenn or Jack Teagarden on trombone, Pee Wee Russell or Peanuts Hucko on clarinet, Dick Cary or Gene Schroeder on piano, Al Casamenti on guitar, Milt Hinton or Leonard Gaskin on bass and George Wettling on drums.

Both Bud Freeman and Jack Teagarden, not surprisingly, are on top of their game and Teagarden contributes three vocals to the seven tunes on which he is featured. Some of Billy Butterfield's finest playing on record is featured. The seamless flow of Peanuts Hucko's clarinet on the last session contrasted by the incomparable daring statements made by Pee Wee Russell on the first two will continue to amaze and enthrall the listener. When Chicago/Austin High School Jazz in Hi-Fi was initially released, four titles had been omitted due to time restraints and found their way onto the compilation Bread, Butter and Jam In Hi-Fi a year later. This is the first time all fifteen tracks have been gathered together on one release. The tunes include classics from those McKenzie and Condon Chicagoan sessions for OKeh in 1927 - Liza, Nobody's Sweetheart, China Boy and Sugar - and the Bud Freeman and his Famous Chicagoans date for Columbia in 1940 featuring Teagarden and Russell - Prince of Wails, Jack Hits The Road, Forty-Seventh And State and At The Jazz Band Ball.

Thankfully, this group of sessions not only remains a testament to the quality of musicianship in a by-gone style but to a herd of musicians who defined an era and journeyed through life together celebrating it.

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Incredible music making by these veterans. I've owned this for several years, but just today ordered another CD for the safe deposit box. Just in case.
These guys played REAL JAZZ! this is real deal!
  High energy
This CD features some great sessions--beautifully recorded-- where some of the greatest lights from the Condon-Chicago scene are given plenty of room to stretch and shine. In additon to Freeman, you have Pee Wee Russell, lots of Jack Teagarden, George Wettling, Billy Butterfield etc. In the center of all the energy, Bud just keeps spinning out those cool tenor solos. Highly recommended
  Esto sí es JAZZ
Sorry, but now in spanish... porque somos muchos los amantes del jazz en todo el mundo, aunque no lo digamos en inglés. El jazz no habla idiomas, su lenguaje es esa música que nos fascina. Este disco, de aquellos chicagoans del '57 contagió a muchos de nosotros en la lejana Buenos Aires. Les imitamos el estilo en nuestro joven conjunto dixie, los DEEP JAZZMEN, y ojalá hubiesemos poder llegar a la altura musical de éstos maestros. ¡Que viva el jazz de Chicago!
  Full of Joy
I'm not a trad jazz fan, but this is a class set of performances, full of the joys of Spring. Recommended.
  Fantastic Old-School Jazz
These guys still had it going on, a full 30 years after breaking into the music world. Both parts of the CD are great. The Freeman-Russell first part brings to high fidelity man favorites from the bad old days of 78's. The Freeman-Teagarden stuff features very well-executed singing by Big Tea. This album is a true overlooked gem that Mosaic has now made available again. Thanks!

Bud Freeman- Chicago/ Austin High School (MCD-1002)
Bud Freeman- Chicago/ Austin High School (MCD-1002)
Limited Edition: copies
1 CD - $15.00

Customer Reviews:

"The Freeman-Teagarden stuff features very well-executed singing by Big Tea. This album is a true overlooked gem that Mosaic has now made available again."
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