Lee Wiley - West of the Moon (MCD-1008)

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Lee Wiley - West of the Moon (MCD-1008)

"Wiley was the first singer to do songbook albums but only made a handful of LPs in her career. Of these, at least two, 1950's Night in Manhattan and 1956's West of the Moon are among the greatest jazz vocal albums ever recorded." - Will Friedwald, New York Sun
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Wrap Yourself in the Warmth and Sensual Delivery of Lee Wiley

Influenced by Mildred Bailey and Ethel Waters, Lee Wiley's sensual, whiskey-soaked voice found its greatest champions in musicians like Joe Bushkin, Jess Stacy and members of the illustrious Condon Mob. Despite her acumen for picking great songs and her way with a lyric, Wiley found little success beyond the jazz world and her opportunities to record were shamefully scant.

"West Of The Moon," recorded in 1956, was the first of two albums she made for RCA Victor. And here she is fittingly paired with arranger Ralph Burns whose richly-voiced orchestrations are ideal for her style and delivery. Burns uses an octet, a scaled-down 12-piece big band and an ensemble with two woodwinds and a string quartet on this projects. Coupled with ideal song selection, the results are superb and include classic renditions of "Who Can I Turn To Now," "Moonstruck," "East Of The Sun" and "Can't Get Out Of This Mood."

Added to the original album are two selections ("Stars Fell On Alabama" and "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?") made earlier the same year for a Dave Garroway project, arranged by Deane Kincaide for an all-star octet.

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  Don't Have This, but....
I recently acquired the Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings that Mosaic put out in the late 80s and this "no name" called Lee Wiley sang two or three songs. I was impressed. Glad to see Mosaic has given her a spot light with this release. She certainly deserves it and of course in a better world I *would* have known the name. I look forward to picking it up.
  Great CD...lousy blurb.
I thought the folks at Mosaic had a little more taste than to use a Will Friedwald quote. He is the most useless--and often completely wrong, due to his ignorance--reviewer and writer of the past two decades. Please, my Mosaic friends, quit paying attention to an obvious dolt, and especially please quit proliferating his writing, even when he is (for a change) correct. Having said that, this is a great CD...do yourself a favor and pick up two copies, one for yourself and one for someone you love!
This is a great disc. Great singing, great tunes and great backing musicians. It is a wonder Lee Wiley is not better known.
  Listen to The Angel Sing.
My heart jumped when I saw the cover of Lee Wiley´s "West Of The Moon". Here in Sweden we had a radio program "Smokerings" which went for 34 years with the same man in charge. His favorite singer was Lee Wiley and this is the only place I have ever heard this fantastic and extremely female voice. When I recieved the cd, I took time to make a cup of coffee, started the cd, sat down in my favorite chair, feet up, and was in another world for the duration of the cd. Then I drank my cold coffee(!)and played the cd again. I shall not give any in-deep analysis, others can do that, just say that if you wish to hear an earthly and very female angel sing some very fine and inspired arrangements executed by some very fine and inspired musicians: Present yourself or your loved one with "West Of The Moon".
  Nearly perfect
A great record. The Condon Mob set hipped me to Wiley, and I've been excited to hear this since it was announced. It does not disappoint. A perfect balance between jazz and pop vocal, not unlike Ella's songbook period but with Wiley's worldly earthiness replacing Fitzgerald' exuberance. A lost classic.

Lee Wiley - West of the Moon (MCD-1008)
Lee Wiley - West of the Moon (MCD-1008)
Limited Edition: copies
1 CD - $15.00

Customer Reviews:

"A perfect balance between jazz and pop vocal, not unlike Ella's songbook period but with Wiley's worldly earthiness replacing Fitzgerald' exuberance. A lost classic."
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