Art Farmer - The Time And The Place (MCD-1010)

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Art Farmer - The Time And The Place (MCD-1010)

"While it might have more rough edges than the studio album, it captures the group as it sounded nightly, swinging hard and stretching out. Jimmy Heath’s playing is particularly incandescent. The group’s drive brings out a rarely-heard extroverted side Farmer’s playing." - Michael Cuscuna, liner notes
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A Mosaic Discovery of a Lost Concert

In 1967, Columbia issued The Time And The Place by the Art Farmer quintet, billing it as a concert from the Museum Of Modern Art. In fact, it was a studio recording with fake applause dubbed in. The real concert sat in the vaults until three tunes came out on a 1982 double LP reissue. Even then, no one seemed to discover the ruse. When Mosaic began researching Farmer's Columbia tapes, it became obvious that those three tracks were live and the original album was manipulated.

The actual concert took place on August 18, 1966 was recorded and, except for three tunes, has sat in the vaults ever since. We have uncovered the original three-track masters of the unedited performance, which contains seven superb extended performances and remixed them in 24-bit. This 72-minute CD contains the real concert as it happened by one of the finest, if unhearalded, hard bop bands of the '60s.

The quintet with Jimmy Heath, Albert Dailey, Walter Booker and Mickey Roker was seven months old and had developed into a first-rate hard bop ensemble. Where tunes like On The Trail and The Time And The Place were under three and five minutes respectively on the released album, each is a ten-minute tour-de-force in concert.

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Really good release, good sound and performance - real pros at work. A pleasure.
Dailey is a big star who died young. Tremendous pianist with few recordings. He recorded an amazing duet session with Stan Getz called "Poetry." Yes, he's the star of this show too.
  Farmer & Friends
Good not great release. Good Farmer, not great Farmer. I've got lots of Farmer recordings and this is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Heath is good but somewhat predictable. The rhythm section is solid but not particularly adventurous. The star of the show is Albert Dailey who is worth the price of admission.
  A Masterpiece
This recording features five all-stars playing at the top of their game. The sound is superb: clean, clear, and crisp. I had the good fortune to see Farmer and Heath together a dozen or so times and this recording captures that adrenaline-inspiring interplay between the two giants and a first-rate rhythm section at its finest. All of the compositions are terrific driving blues and modal gems. I truly believe that it is a modern jazz masterpiece and deserves a place on the CD shelf next to other live classics such as The Messengers at Cafe Bohemia, The Adderley's in San Francisco, Shelly Manne's Men at the Blackhawk, Donald Byrd at the Half Note, among others.
  A memorable outing for Farmer & Co.
This is a fun little live date. Was it rare to hear jazz performed at the MoMA? This album is not without some flaws but overall it is enjoyable. Jimmy Heath really shines. Some of his best playing ever. Ditto Albert Dailey. Check it out if you're a fan of them.
  Surprisingly Fresh - Jimmy Heath Really Shines
Art Farmer is the master of Cool on this album, but the big surprise for me is Jimmy Heath's fantastic solos - I really wasn't expecting such complexity and "reaching" by Heath. This is definitely one of my best purchases this year.
Just how many of these rabbits does Michael Cascuna have in his hat.This is a gem that bears repeated listenings. Been in the first slot of my player since acquired more tha 3 weeks ago. Thank you Michael. And thank you Art & co. Special.

Art Farmer - The Time And The Place (MCD-1010)
Art Farmer - The Time And The Place (MCD-1010)
Limited Edition: copies
1 CD - $15.00

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"Just how many of these rabbits does Michael Cuscuna have in his hat. This is a gem that bears repeated listenings."
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