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100 Essential Jazz Albums

Jazz music and the phonograph were made for each other. Without the medium of recording, jazz music so defined by spontaneity of invention, individuality of instrumental sound, and rhythmic complexity that defies musical notation could not have been so rapidly or wholly disseminated. – Dan Morgenstern

The best big band jazz artists and the music produced are a testament to the durability and growth of the genre. The body of work created is one of rich textures and driving rhythms from swing master Count Basie to the expanded big band efforts of Stan Kenton to the electrifying freedom of Mingus’s large ensemble.

1920s Jazz

New Orleans – New York – Europe

At the very dawn of jazz recording, with echoes of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band still in the air, very few musicians were able to capture a fresh new sound until the flood gates opened with the blossoming of Louis Armstrong. It was the powerful virtuosic display of Louis Armstrong that made the Roaring 20s the era of “hot jazz”.

Six Extraordinary
Jazz Guitarists

Eddie Lang was the first to bring the guitar to jazz. He gave it a voice as a solo instrument in popular music, and was for two decades the acknowledged master of the instrument.

Lang’s highly advance technical, harmonic and rhythmic skills saw him literally write the textbook for the modern jazz guitar method…

Eighteen Extraordinary
Jazz Pianists

Only a few jazz pianists are truly original and qualify as both innovators and major influences on their instrument and on the development of jazz.

9 of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Songs

Songs For Young Lovers sold like a hit single and set in stone the approach that would make Frank Sinatra the greatest star of the 20th Century.