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Paul Desmond
The Complete 1975 Toronto Recordings
Mosaic has gathered all of the material approved by Desmond and the group (three hours of released material and three hours of unreleased material) into a 5-CD boxed set of The Complete Paul Desmond Toronto Sessions. Don Thompson has returned to his original analog tapes and mixed them anew for maximum fidelity.  - Limited Edition: 2,500 Copies
7 CDs - $119.00  
Woody Herman
Complete Woody Herman Decca, Mars, MGM Sessions (1943-54)
Through its diverse material and the evolving nature of the personnel, Woody’s point of view remains consistently crisp, energetic, youthful and relevant. His commitment to big bands was never nostalgic or locked in time, but always looking ahead.  - Limited Edition: 2,000 Copies
7 CDs - $119.00  
The Savory Collection
The Savory Collection 1935-1940
Savory's achievement in recording and preserving this material can't be understated. You could be at home around your radio, but you didn't have the equipment in the studio where Savory tinkered and invented. The glory of these broadcasts in many cases heard here is that he was capturing live music without the limitation of a 3 or 4 minute 78 rpm recording. If the club version of a song went for six minutes, no matter. Savory got every note of it.  - Limited Edition: 5,000 Copies
6 CDs - $99.00  
Teddy Wilson
Classic Brunswick & Columbia Teddy Wilson Sessions 1934-42
This definitive set is the most massive volume we've ever released featuring Wilson, and it's a more complete selection than we've been able to offer previously because we weren't limited to just his trio work. Plus, this retrospective begins as Wilson was launching his amazing recording career – all of the polish and lyricism he'd become known for with the added bonus of that indescribable feeling of spontaneity and invention.  - Limited Edition: 5,000 Copies
7 CDs - $119.00