Last Chance on Limited Edtion Sets

The "Running Low" category represents our estimate that the sets will be sold out in the next three to twelve months. "Last Chance" reflects our best estimate that the set will be sold out anywhere from today to three months. Please understand these are merely our best estimates and that circumstances can sometimes change quickly.

Last Chance

Running Low
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Why Limited Editions?

We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us. With so many of our sets sold out, we thought we'd better explain why our editions are limited and spell out what that means.

As we've stated from the beginning, Mosaic box sets are limited to a specific number of copies. Rest assured, in no case do we ever manufacture more than the stated figure.

Mosaic does not own the Blue Note, Pacific Jazz, Atlantic, Columbia, RCA, or any other catalogue. With the exception of our Charlie Parker - Dean Benedetti set (which is not a limited edition), Mosaic leases all of it. These leases eventually expire. So, even if we haven't reached our stated goal, when the lease expires the set must be discontinued.

To prevent any disappointing surprises, we will continue to keep our customers informed about which sets are in danger of being discontinued or sold out. Signing up for our e-mail newsletters assures that you'll get the most up-to-date information.

We consider our customers a part of our family and our main imperative is that every Mosaic limited edition set be available to everyone who cares as these sets will pay dividends for a lifetime.