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Heart to Heart

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Alto saxophonist David Sanborn is without question the most influential player of his generation. Sanborn had already made three solo recordings, but with the 1978 release of Heart to Heart, the saxophonist's distinctive sound and unique perspective was represented properly on record. This most ambitious recording covers many bases, with melodic pop ("Solo"), funky jazz ("Heba") and soulful gospel ("Sunrise Gospel"), with a standard thrown in ("Anywhere I Wander"). Of particular note are David's gorgeous interpretation of the Don Grolnick ballad "Lotus Blossom" and "Short Visit", which was arranged by jazz great Gil Evans. Heart to Heart is a fully-realized artistic statement by a modern jazz master.

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  Martin Stewart
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Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart
Limited Edition: Mosaic Contemporary copies
1 CD - $9.98

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