Thelonious Monk /John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall-LP (#231)

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Thelonious Monk /John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall-LP  (#231)

"What is so grand about the Carnegie tapes is that those tunes Trane was struggling with (the first couple of weeks he was near-pitiful, with the heads, but Monk pounded away at the chords) - say, "Evidence," "Monk's Mood," "Epistrophy" which grew steadily more finished and exquisite during that Summer of wonder - by time of the concert a few months later, not only was Trane peerless with the heads, but now sailed off into his own furtherness and the band itself was tight as Dick's hat band." - Amiri Baraka, liner notes
Limited Edition

1 LP (180 gram) -  $30.00


November 1957 Carnegie Hall - An Amazing Archival Discovery!

Jazz has had its share of great archival discoveries, not the least of which were Dean Benedetti's recordings of Charlie Parker. But the discovery of more music from the Thelonious Monk quartet with John Coltrane is made all the more extraordinary because so few knew it existed and the only official recordings by this band were made in its first weeks of existence.

Now a forgotten November 1957 Carnegie Hall concert taped by Voice Of America radio has been discovered by the Library of Congress with two appearances by the quartet.

These two 25-minute, five-tune sets feature the quartet in great fidelity and unbelievable form. The empathy and invention of the group here far surpasses the Riverside session, made months earlier. Playing together every night for 18 weeks sharpened the skills and interaction of these brilliant musicians. Monk's piano playing has never sound like this; his arpeggios are virtuosic and each note rings with clarity on the Carnegie Hall piano. Coltrane had fully mastered Monk's music by this time. In the confines of short playing times (most tunes are 4 to 6 minutes in duration), he plays with a fervid intensity trying to cram all his ideas into a brief amount of time. Ahmed Abdul-Malik and Shadow Wilson play the intricate arrangements with fluidity and push the soloists to great heights. Thanks to the clarity and presence of Wilson's drums on this recording, his work will be a revelation to anyone who had not had the fortune to see him live.

This LP was mastered from the original 15 ips mono analog tapes by Kevin Hodge at the Master Cutting Room and pressed on Classic Records proprietary 180 gram Quiex Super Vinyl Profile virgin vinyl.
NOTE: The LP jacket erroneously has the mastering information for the CD edition of this recording. This audiophile LP was mastered from the original analog tape.

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  Mr. Monk
If you're new to jazz or to Monk, this might not be the first Monk recording to get, but if you are familiar Monk and with sophisticated jazz this recording is essential. Very different and more intense than the Monk/Coltrane studio recordings - exciting, challenging music that swings like hell. Shadow Wilson on drums is a marvel to behold!
One of the truly great jazz recordings. This is classic jazz.
  T & M
Complex, demanding music that is breath takingly beautiful.
Truly one of the great live jazz albums. The music is intense and should bring some attention to the much neglected Shadow Wilson. Great Trane. Great Monk.
  A could be gem
Clearly, the musicians play wonderful. The LP, however, is surprisingly lifeless. Monk is pure fun and swings, but not on this record. What a pity.
  MONK and TRANE!!!!
  Monk- Past,Present & Future.
A Wonderful 'Discovery'.Monk is so important in documenting the history of this body of music,we call Jazz. All the major influences and Inovators are made available to us in Monk's Compositions and Playing.Repeated encounters with Monk's music provides the 'evidence' of a truly unique artist at work.Everyone 'learned from Monk,including,John Coltrane.The aforementioned,is another way of saying: "This is music of the highest order" Thank you for this 'treasure'. John Fairweather.
  Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane
Really nice music; you can tell these musicians were really listening to one another while they played. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves great music!
Superb historic masterpiece.
  Greatest Concert Ever !!!
This maybe the Greatest Concert man has ever known.
  Monk/Coltrane at Carnegie
This is a GEM. Thank you for releasing another masterpiece. What a great find. 5 star plus in my humble opinion.
  A "Must Own" Performance
This musical performance by the Thelonius Monks Quartet on this evening at Carnegie Hall is incredibly fresh even today. Monk's playing is lucid and precise. Coltrane is incredibly fluid. Shadow and Abdul-Malik provide the tight foundation. The recording of this event is excellent. I had goose bumps listening to this music. I am really looking forward to the vinyl release of this performance due in November.

Thelonious Monk /John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall-LP  (#231)
Thelonious Monk /John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall-LP (#231)
Limited Edition: Unlimited copies
1 LP (180 gram) - $30.00

Customer Reviews:

"This musical performance by the Thelonius Monks Quartet on this evening at Carnegie Hall is incredibly fresh even today. Monk's playing is lucid and precise. Coltrane is incredibly fluid."
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