Mosaic Select: Woody Herman (MS-031)

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Mosaic Select: Woody Herman (MS-031)

"The Phillips recordings of Woody Herman, spanning the mid 1960s, are considered by many to be the greatest of all the Herman Herds with stellar soloists including Sal Nistico, Phil Wilson, Bill Chase and Jake Hanna."
Limited Edition: 5000 copies

3 CDs -  $44.00


What Big Band Swing Should Be

There are great bands and then there are phenomenal bands. The "Swinging Herd" that Woody Herman led during the mid 1960s is one of those bands. Collectively it possessed remarkable power. Individually, the soloists were imaginatively progressive. In total, it seemed like there was never another band like it.

Herman's soloists capture us like a deer in the headlights. The sheer energy of trumpeter Bill Chase, the tremendous drive of Phil Wilson's trombone and the unbelievable Sal Nistico (especially on a live version of "Apple Honey") is nothing short of breathtaking.

The albums included are "Woody Herman - 1963", Woody Herman: 1964", "Encore", "The Swinging Herman Herd Recorded Live" and the classic "Woody's Big Band Goodies". The liner notes to the original albums by Ralph J. Gleason, Willis Connover, and Leonard Feather convey the raw excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime band.

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  Amazing Band
Cant believe I waited so long to buy this set. This band is amazing. The arrangements, the soloists, wonderful music. Jake Hanna is awesome.
  GREAT music
I don't know why I waited so long to get this Select. The music is great, and the bands are some of the best Woody had. Awesome arrangements and sound quality too!
  These guys
These guys cook - upbeat, high energy band, good material, and excellent solos from guys I never heard of - no dead wood in this one.
I wasn't familiar with this herd or the musicians in this band. So, this was bought on a whim and a fortunate whim it has proven to be. This is one of the most consistent Mosaic releases I own - the high level of musicianship is sustained throughout and not a whole lot of alternate takes. The soloists are superb, as is the rhythm section - lots of new musicians/names in my night sky. This is quite a reissue - lots of precision and passion!
  One of the "Great" Herds
Chase, Nistico, Hanna, Wilson, Andrus, Pierce and most of all Woody, made this one of the best herds ever! Five Notes for every session, and Five Notes to Mosaic for finally giving us these sought after sessions!
  A BIG BAND ,like no other!!!
I had followed the Herman band since 1943,but this was the greatest band he or anyone else had ever put together.Whenever the band was within 3 hours drive of Chicago,I was there.Chase,Wilson,Hanna,Nistico,Southall Gave me many happy moments.I am so glad that Mosaic released these recordings because my original records are shot
I had the opportunity of seeing this band quite a few times during the early & mid 1960s and they were always at the top of their game. Every musician was an all-star in his own right. I can only hope that these recordings bring the greatness of Sal Nistico, Bill Chase, Paul Fontaine, Phil Wilson, Jake Hanna and Nat Pierce's writing to a new generation of jazz listeners. You just cannot go wrong with this collection. Thank you Mosaic for bringing it all back!
  AT LAST!!! WOW!!
FINALLY! After searching for CD re-issues of Encore, Woddy's Big Band Goodies, and Woody Herman 1963, I have found them!! My LP copies have long since worn out. Now I can hear Chase, Hunt, Southall, Wilson, Nistico, Pierce, Hanna, and Woody in the clarity of digital sound, hearing things I never heard on the analogue LPs. Thanks, Mosaic. You haven't heard the last of me!!
  The wait is over! A thousand thanks.
Kudos to Mosaic for reissuing this great band on CD. The Philips years saw Woody at the helm of a powerful, swinging group. Bill Chase's lead trumpet, Sal Nistico's tenor, and Jake Hanna's drums were a big reason why. This band has to be heard to be believed. If you have any of the vinyl, you already know what I'm talking about it. If not, man, are you in for a treat.
  Essential Herman
At long last Mosaic has released a complete collection of Woody Herman's big band recordings on Philips. Of the five original albums, only Woody Herman 1963 has found its way onto CD, although assorted tracks have appeared on compilations. But it is wonderful to have everything in one package which complements beautifully the Mosaic single of Woody's Winners. A pity additional unreleased material could not be unearthed from the vaults as occurred with the Count Basie Complete Live Roulette recordings. How about a similar package of the Trend/Discovery recordings of two other outstanding big bands - Gerald Wilson and Bob Florence.
  The Best Big Band Ever
This is a staggering reissue, well worth waiting for. NO band at the time could touch this band, they were THAT hot, swinging, intense. The section work was mind-bendingly tight, led by the late, great lead trumpet of Bill Chase -- There is also a young, fire-breathing Sal Nistico on tenor and Phil Wilson leading the trombones. And the superb Jake Hanna and Chuck Andruss anchored the "Rolls-Royce" rhythm section. This is absolutely not to be missed by any serious big band lover -- this band has to be heard to be believed. Sound quality is of the usual high Mosaic standards -- the band literally jumps out at you . Get this -- NOW!!!

Mosaic Select: Woody Herman (MS-031)
Mosaic Select: Woody Herman (MS-031)
Limited Edition: 5000 copies
3 CDs - $44.00

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