Mosaic Select: John Carter & Bobby Bradford (MS-036)

Mosaic Select


Mosaic Select: John Carter & Bobby Bradford (MS-036)

Limited Edition: 5,000 copies

3 CDs -  $44.00


Saxophonist/clarinetist John Carter was associated with Ornette Coleman in the '40s in their shared hometown of Fort Worth. Coleman moved to Los Angeles in the early '50s as did Dallas trumpeter Bobby Bradford who would work with Ornette sporadically for the next 20 years. Carter moved to LA in 1961 and eventually found in Bobby Bradford an ideal collaborator.

Initially calling their quartet The New Art Jazz Ensemble, they made their debut album Seeking in 1969 for the small Revelation Records. Their music was very much in the same orbit as Ornette's with darting linear compositions and freedom from chordal structures blended into a marvelous fresh sense of swing and blues roots.

Carter's virtuosity on clarinet, flute and saxophone sets the benchmark for the music that this group strives for and achieves. Distinctive for their rich vibrant tones and articulation, Carter and Bradford bring a variety of colors, moods and rhythms to their vibrant brand of modern jazz. They manage to achieve an air of precision with a music that thrives on interplay and looseness. Every performance resonates with beauty and adventure.

This set includes both Carter/Bradford albums on Revelation (the other is Secrets as well as two unissued sessions from 1971 and a 1979 duet studio session which label co-founder Jonathan Horwich taped at Westlake Studios in LA. These new discoveries (almost two hours of unissued music) greatly expand the Carter/Bradford output, which was heretofore known to be only two albums each on Revelation and Flying Dutchman.

Producer's Note:

Bill Hardy and I began Revelation Records in the mid1960s in an effort to provide unrecognized and deserving jazz musicians an opportunity to record in a relaxed setting, under their own direction and choice of instrumentation. That's exactly what we have here with Revelation's Carter/Bradford material.

To give an overview, we first recorded John and Bobby on 16 January 1969 at Occidental college (where I attended and Bill taught) in California. The result was our first album of the group, Seeking, which comprises most of Disc One of this compilation. Later Bill recorded the group on 4 April 1972 at Occidental. This resulted in our second and last album of them, Secrets, which comprises most of Disc Two of this compilation. Then, on 7 July 1979, I recorded John and Bobby in a duet after visiting Westlake Studios in Los Angeles and seeing the very room where Stevie Wonder recorded Innervisions. I wanted to record the best West Coast, avant-garde group in that very same room-as a sort of contrast. And although this was clearly a formal studio, we kept it relaxed and laid back, per Revelation style, by using my own portable analog gear (just two microphones and one small but excellent tape recorder), and provided an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous creation. That session comprises all of Disc Three of this compilation. It has never been released until now. And the intimacy and communication between these two stellar musicians comes across loud and clear.

But there is more. From early 1969, the same time period during which Seeking was completed, Bill recorded further performances of the group. As you'll hear, they have the same flavor, instrumentation and wonderful improvisation as the material found on that first vinyl. These previously unpublished performances are included at the end of Disc One and as the first song on Disc Two.

In late 1971 Bill gathered John and Bobby's group together and recorded more performances at Occidental College. The date was 9 Nov 71 and this time the instrumentation included piano, giving a whole new feel to the group's work. These late 1971 performances also were never published except for one song, "Circle," which was issued on Secrets. These unpublished performances have been included at the end of Disc Two. One should not consider these as bonus tracks to the original vinyl. They are actually their own performances in their own time period. They are not outtakes. And more to the point, they stand on their own musically as you will hear.

I won't further comment on specific tracks, except to say that this music stands as some of the greatest improvised music ever created in jazz. John and Bobby were superb musicians, and when they formed a group together, great things happened. We're all very lucky to have that preserved here.

Jonathan Horwich

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  Great Idea!!
I enthusiastically agree with the previous review, another Select focusing on Carter's work would be wonderful. There's certainly plenty of high quality material out there. "Castles of Ghana" is great jazz, and if anyone could do it right, Mosaic would.
  Please, Mosaic, We Want More
I bought the two Flying Dutchman issues plus "Seeking" on vinyl. I'm delighted to have this issue; I'd be even happier if Carter's "Roots and Folklore" suite was made available in toto. The four parts beginning with "Castles of Ghana" on Gramavision are hard to come by; "Dauwhe" on Black Saint seems to be a late addition. Perhaps you might add the "Early American Folk Pieces" solo clarinet disc, which isn't essential.
  B & C
Wow, these guys can play. Bradford and Carter are quite a match-up!
Thanks for this great set. Saw John Carter in Hollywood with Horace Tapsott live great show . Which beggs the question why not any Tapscott select sets ? Thanks again for this set.
  Three discs
Listened thru the Select for the first time and my initial impression is three good discs, very good bands, and the last duet disc is the highlight. This is an absorbing set. Don't think the rhythm sections are up to Haden/Higgins/Blackwell of the Ornette Coleman Quartet but they're very good. Carter is a wonder on several instruments.
Can't say enough about the playing AND the sound quality! A job well done, Mosaic! Now, when can we expect the complete John Carter on Gramavision, hmmm?
  Want More Like this!
When ordering this box set at best I thought I would be listening to a mono sound recording with little clarity. Boy was I surprised. Are we sure these two great musicians didnt get back together recently to record with 2010 state-of-the art equipment? The sound of these cds are incredible and I would highly recommend to my jazz loving friends to purchase their own copy as I will not be loaning mine out any time soon. Thanks for investing the time in making great sounding music.
  Mosaic Select: John Carter & Bobby Bradford (MS-036)
I don't buy jazz for "audiophile" purposes, but I can see why this release is receiving raves for sound quality. It is a stunning collection of jazz in the truest sense. The clarity, presence and richness of tone convey the music at a whole new level. One I have not experienced before. The disc recorded at Westlake Studio is, I think, one of the finest examples of intelligent, artful, spontaneous improvisation. How did they play together like that? And it sounds like you are right in the room with Bradford and Carter. Thank you for this incredible set. Hopefully more are on the way that sound like this!
  Fantastic music, great treatment
Thanks Mosaic. This is music I have both enjoyed and sought for quite a few years. Carter and Bradford, strong voices in modern jazz, are as worthy as any to be heard from their time. This is really special.
  superb !, A real revelation.
I thought I was a well versed jazz fan, 15 years gone by, I hadn't heard much of this great music. but as I eagerly await each select release this one intrigued me , after careful research , i was excited . i was not let down, the music is fantastic, not at all a clone of Ornette Coleman's music. This is why mosaic is so appreciated, thanks for introducing me to this great music,thanks for keeping these sets reasonable in price. how about a joe farrell cti select box ?
  Long Overdue and Much Appreciated
This music was seriously under exposed when it came out on the west coast all those years ago. Now to have it reissued with all the previously unissued stuff is a real treat. Sound quality is nice and it's well annotated. Love it! I knew the late John Carter and he was as gracious and refined in person as his music was creative and thoughtfully composed. This is a very welcome release. Thank you.

Mosaic Select: John Carter & Bobby Bradford (MS-036)
Mosaic Select: John Carter & Bobby Bradford (MS-036)
Limited Edition: 5,000 copies
3 CDs - $44.00

Customer Reviews:

"Thanks Mosaic. This is music I have both enjoyed and sought for quite a few years. Carter and Bradford, strong voices in modern jazz, are as worthy as any to be heard from their time."
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