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Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49 (#264)

Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions

Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49 (#264)
Listening through the sessions spanning just five years, it's clear that as leaders and soloists these musicians' mastery and confidence increased the more they re-entered the studio. It's also clear how far technology has advanced. Steve Marlowe restored and mastered this entire set using Bit Density Processing, and along with Jonathan Horwich of International Phonograph, has produced magical results. - Limited Edition: 5,000 Copies
10 CDs - $169.00  

Future Projects - Not Yet Available for Pre-Order

Here's a look at sets that we are currently working on at Mosaic.

Each of our sets is a time-consuming affair to assemble from securing rights to tape research to studio mastering to the photographic, historical and discographical research for our booklets. Each step is fraught with surprises and therefore it is possible that the Future Projects may not see the light of day. These are not yet available for preorder

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