The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions (#214)

Mosaic Records Limited Edition Box Set


The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions (#214)
“Not unlike July 4th fireworks, bursting forth on 8 CDs you will be easily overpowered as you are swept away to a time when Sarah was at her most pure and consistent. The transfers are remarkably clean and actually ear shattering.” - Dan Singer, In Tune International
Limited Edition: 5000 copies

8 CDs -  $128.00


Fall In Love With The Sound Of Sarah Vaughan
With This Long-Overlooked Collection

Listening to this music in its entirety, you hear how the simplest jazz tune could become the canvass for a singer's art. And understand why fellow jazz musicians appreciated her talent. Vaughan could hit a note head on and hold it, pure and clean. Or, at her command, add a pretty vibrato. A wide range allowed her to soar in the upper register, and roar down below. All with a luxurious, rich, buttery roundness.

This box set contains a huge number of jazz classics and popular standards that everyone will recognize - songs by Monk, Adderley, Ellington and Waller as well as Rodgers and Hart, Gershwin, Van Heusen and Arlen. The box set also presents the finest arrangers the era had to offer - Jimmy Jones, Gera Wilson, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin, Benny Carter and Billy May among them.

The SaraVaughan box set includes 13 albums on only 8 CDs and among them are these three classic jazz releases:
    • Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan: It's a delight to hear Basie's band behind her duets with Joe Williams on "If I Were a Bell" and "Teach Me Tonight." Talk about singing your heart out - those two seemed to push each other just a measurement more.
   • After Hours and Sarah + 2: For a jazz singer known for adornment and filigree, these two albums in the box set were probably her most relaxed and easy-going recordings, backed only by guitar and bass.

You really can't hear what Sarah Vaughan was doing if you think only about other jazz singers. You have to consider the horns to get a sense of her influences and the way she experienced music. From take to take or version to version of the same song, Sassy could deliver a completely new and original interpretation of the music. Hearing her sets with Earl Hines, saxophonist Teddy Edwards said, "She had great feeling, and great facility to execute this sound. She had all the components, man."

The box set includes liner notes by vocal specialist James Gavin, author of “Deep In A Dream: The Long Night Of Chet Baker” and respected critic for the New York Times and various periodicals. He tackles Sarah Vaughan and her Roulette years with a thorough knowledge of the woman and the songs she sang.

Three of the twenty sessions covered in this set were recorded in stereo. The rest were recorded in three-track or four-track and, in every case, we were able to return the original master and remix them without the excess reverb, piercing high-end and compression that marred some of the original LP releases. Malcolm Addey remixed and mastered this set in 24-bit.

vThe Sarah Vaughan box set embodies the jazz artist's sound and style, creating a timeless music that listeners will forever appreciate. The 8CDs capture Sarah Vaughan's unique range, delivery and beauty and is and is a box set that fully encapsulates the essence of pure harmonic jazz.

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"Vaughan couldn’t have imagined that one day, almost every note she had recorded for Roulette would be reissued. All through this set are suggestions that for her, music was a fairy-tale escape from every care, full of beautiful sounds, a dreamlike affinity with the men around her, and limitless room to soar." - James Gavin, liner notes

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Vocal specialist James Gavin, author of “Deep In A Dream: The Long Night Of Chet Baker” and respected critic for the New York Times and various periodicals, tackles the Sarah Vaughan and her Roulette years with a thorough knowledge of the woman and the songs she sang.

In the age of microsizing, every Mosaic Records Box Set booklet is still 11 x 11 inches to allow our customers to appreciate all the extras we put into printing them (and for easier reading).


Three of the twenty sessions covered in this set were recorded in stereo. The rest were recorded in three-track or four-track and, in every case, we were able to return the original master and remix them without the excess reverb, piercing high-end and compression that marred some of the original LP releases. Malcolm Addey remixed and mastered this set in 24-bit

Photo Copyright © Protected
Sarah Vaughan
Many of the photographs by Ray Avery and Chuck Stewart were taken at the actual sessions in the set.

The Explosive Side Of Sarah Vaughan Sessions - August & September 1962

Key Largo and When Lights Are Low, which also appears on Sarah + 2, were composed by Benny Carter, a venerated man of jazz. One of the music’s “two or three foremost alto saxophonists,” as Leonard Feather called him, Carter was equally acclaimed as a bandleader, and had led various orchestras since 1933. After years on the road, he had settled in Beverly Hills, where he arranged for Peggy Lee and other singers, scored the Alfred Hitchcock TV show, and made his own records. Reig worshipped Carter, and invited him to arrange a swinging big-band album, The Explosive Side Of Sarah Vaughan.

Recordings that unite such stellar artists tend, with time, to take on a historic veneer. But many of them were hastily made, and end up barely remembered by the participants. Asked in 2002 about The Explosive Side Of Sarah Vaughan, Carter, who was then 94 and as sharp as ever, couldn’t recall much. “It was just another gig, you know?” he said. “I’d find time to do it, when they were writing the check. But doing something with an Ella or a Carmen or Sarah Vaughan – that was certainly special.”

Carter may have met with Vaughan, whom he barely knew, to settle on keys, but he wasn’t sure. Once in the studio, she breezed through everything. “You didn’t need much rehearsal time with her,” said Carter. “She knew what she wanted.” His splendid work reflected the swing era, when melody reigned and when arrangers enhanced, not superseded, a composer’s intentions. As a songwriter himself, Carter knew how to write catchy countermelodies, intros and tags; he set off Vaughan’s phrases with witty fills from a richly-voiced reed section. The singer’s delight is obvious in After You’ve Gone, from her wild wordless opening to a high-flying tag. . (The tenor sax break is provided by Plas Johnson, who played Henry Mancini's sly theme throughout the soundtrack of The Pink Panther.) Added to this box set is an alternate version of The Lady's In Love With You, performed at a much easier tempo than the album take.

John A. Tynan called the album a relief from her “less than distinguished” recent output. “Miss Vaughan proves she can handle the most breakneck pace with ease,” he noted in Down Beat. “And her work on such as the closing Nobody Else [But Me], with its tasteful phrasing and ever-grooving swing, keeps her where she’s always really belonged – right on top.”


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I like the female voice. There are a lot of great women in Jazz and Sarah Vaughn has always been one of the top few for me. Listening to this set and reading the excellent liner notes reminds me once more that the critics don't always get it right. I will never understand why she was not heralded with greater respect during her life. This lady could sing, that is SING. She had it all, tone, timing, warmth, range, and she sang with a natural ease that can just melt my heart. Wow! When we are talking the greatest of the great: Holiday, Fitzgerald, O'Day, McRae, and Vaughn have to be at the top of the list. These excellent recordings are a fitting testament to Sassy. Highest possible recommendation.
  Sarah Vaughn Extraordinary Voice Exquisite Collection
I have many collections from Mosaic with wonderful musicians and performances and excellent sound quality (SQ). Just completed converting the entire collection of Sarah Vaughn from redbook to AIFF and played throught my computer audiophile system. The SQ is absolutely exquisite. As good as the other Mosaic collections are, this collection is in a class by itself. Never heard Sarah Vaughn at this level of sound stage. The collection in a word is gorgeous. Her profoundly wonderful style and voice is presented with a quality equal to the task. She is a treasure, this collection is a gift in the presentation.
  Sassy the Great
Song after song, each one is the definative ,every one is the best version you'll hear, all right maybe not every one but certainly most of them, never again will there be another Sassy she was the greatest !
  Superb must-have for any fans of the Divine One
This collection is truly a must-have for fans of the Divine One. Her vocals were absolutely right on pitch and at her very best. The clarity and resolution of the sound quality is superb. You can almost feel that she is singing right there in your room! I had waited for a super long time to get the beautiful CD boxset, as it had to be shipped to be half-the-world away (I'm In Malaysia). But when I did and the boxset arrived, I have absolutely no regrets - except that I had waiting years before I actually placed the order and that I should have done it years ago! No doubts or regrets about this set - an absolute must-have for any Sarah Vaughan fan.
  This chick
This chick could sing!
Her recordings under Roulette had her at the top of her voice-glorious. The liner notes, which I can read w/o a magnifier, say that many fans consider her album of "Snowbound" as their favorite but many jazz enthsiasts say it's too popular.I remember reading that Tony Bennet considered Sarah Vaughan's singing of "I Remember You", which is in this album, as 1 of the top 10 songs he had ever heard-and it is; just listen to it. I ordered this set from Manila, Philippines, and wow, I've been listening to it since it arrived a few days ago. Mosaic has done something historic in preserving and making available such valuable music. Edgardo M. Oreta Manila, Philippines
The jazzier sides are excellent, the more pop sides are usually good. This is a massive amount of music, and all the bands/orchestras sound up for the sessions.
  simply divine
Thankyou for delivering this marvelous collection(to England)so quickly. I have always thought that Sarah produced some of the best music of her career whilst at Roulette. The booklet accompanying the set is thoughtful and also, I believe, fair in its assessment of the music. This is an excellent box set and one I highly recommend.
  C'est Fantastique
This marvellous set complete as well , the Mercury's period of the Divine. I'm an unconditional fan , Sarah's is a Diva, a giant , in the summit of the Panthéon of Jazz vocal.Thanks to Mosaicrecords for his best works,Sassy embreacable you in the heaven.Karen from Paris (France)
  Couldn't be better
This collection is absolutely astounding and delivered to me in England within two days. Only Mosaic can do that!
  Simply beautiful!
Great music, great voice, great set. Simply beautiful!
  The Best Is Yet To Come
I have just heard the audio sample from the site and everything around me started to hum. O lord! She is even better than I remember her from other sessions. I am learning to fly! The most sexy, optimistic voice of the jazz vocal scene ever. All my day is different after hearing her. Now I know for sure The Best Is Yet To Come and it is more than just fine. Good job again - mosaic.
  Sassy is divine, No Doubt !
These roulette sessions are mostly recorded with orchestra, and that is why I think this is not the best one in her career. I would rather pick her live recordings with small session. But I came to realize her full-bodied, brassy, deep, operatic, dynamic voice fits to full orchestra sound. Who else can do like sassy ? And you can't miss her nude voice in 'after hours' and 'sarah+2'. In my opinion these two albums are one of best in her discography. One more thing, her voice turned deep and heavy since 60s, so you will find difference between 50s' Mercury recordings and these.
  At Long Last
I have been waiting for years and years for the reissue of "Star Eyes "in its'entireity because it is SO .Now along with many other great albums it's here again.Once again kudos to Mosaic for putting it out there.Seems like I'm always thanking you for reissuing a long lost gem.Peace and blessings to all at Mosaic.I have loved Sarah since I was a very young child and now at 58 I love her even more.
Just can't stand it when I make mistakes in published matter no how small the error.This also affords me the opportunity to say that a star rating of any number for such music could never ever describe its' greatness.Star eyes in its entirety is SO LOVELY is what I meant to say before.
  Musicae Gratia...
First of all, you'll have to forgive me for not writing a review sooner; I don't know what I could have been thinking!? Now, with that said, you have to know that I am quite possibly the biggest Sarah Vaughan fan ever, and I'm only 16! Strange? Perhaps, but I can't help myself. Any person with even a small ear for music must recognize that Sarah Vaughan is the greatest, and always will be the greatest. Maybe she didn't always have the best material or best accompaniment, but when she did... A good example would be Key Largo (otherwise known as the greatest work of art ever, which happens to be in this set). But anyway, more about the set: Before I bought this set I had the "Sarah Vaughan and Count Basie" CD, which I loved, at first only for Perdido, but then for everything else. When I learned about this set I was at first turned off by the price, but attracted by the music. Of course, I wasn't about to turn down this opportunity, so as soon as I came into some money I sent it over. I a
  Sassy's "lost" period is found at last!
As a longtime Sarah Vaughan fan, I've always felt that despite her more well-known Mercury/EmArcy recordings, her finest recordings were made for Roulette (1960-'63), Pablo (1978-'82) and Columbia ('82-'87). This Mosaic set proves me right about the former. I always felt that Sarah deserved more Grammy awards, maybe not as many as Ella Fitzgerald (13) but certainly more than JUST ONE!!! Every album she made for Roulette was a masterwork, even "Sarah Slightly Classical" which annotator Jim Gavin didn't care for, I thought was divine. And how great to finally have all those singles! Maybe some of them are dreck, but they're all interesting and fun to hear. Although Sarah passed away 13 years ago, with aural artwork like this to listen to, The Divine One will always be with us.
  Thank you!!!!!!!
I just received this box today. I was really looking forward to it. It makes my collection of "The Divine One"complete. I am a fan of Sarah my whole life (42yrs..) I think if Sarah's voice didn't came in my ears, I wouldn't have become a singer myself. This complete Roulette box of 8 cd's is FANTASTIC!!! The sound is really if she is singing in your room. I met Sarah once, when she was singing in a small festival here in the Netherlands. After all the concerts there was a small Jam-session....she came to sit at my table...I offered her a drink and we talked. I was very nervous...I told her how much she inspired me as a jazz-singer. Then she reacted with a tip for not only sing Jazz...she said: "Be a SINGER" and that is more than just to be a jazz-singer. It is just GOOD music what counts!! There are a lot of songs in this box wich are not typical Jazz-songs....but how she treats so typical Sarah. She and only she could do that to those songs. Every girl singer
  Some of Sarah's best recordings were on Roulette.
While talking with Sarah in her private visiting room at Rosies in New Orleans 78 I said to Sarah "You sounded special on Roulette". Sarah replied "That because Teddy Reige (AR Director) wanted me to sound that way".I then asked Sarah "Did you ever know Billie Holiday?"reply "No not really, and don't you ever believe that either". A sassy devine answer one could only expect from the Sassy & Devine One.Sarah recorded only some 3 & half years with this gangster-syndicate connected label Roulette but what a dream they were.Roulette recorded her with all types of backgroungs from two guitars to full orchestras.Could never get Roulette to publish Sarah's complete works in its entirety.I am hearing Sarah for the first time do Sarah + 2 and others for the first time.Don't miss this set, it is a Divine One.
  Astonishing Voice
Just Beautiful!
  Sassy and Saucey
Sarah travels over, under, around, and through melody lines.She's sassy and saucey.
she has one of the best voices in jazz this is a fantastic set.I love her phrasing and tone. and you cant go wrong with COUNT BASIE SWINGING LIKE MAD.

The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions (#214)
The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions (#214)
Limited Edition: 5000 copies
8 CDs - $128.00

Customer Reviews:

"I have just heard the audio sample from the site and everything around me started to hum. O lord! She is even better than I remember her from other sessions."
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