Various - The Jazz Piano (MCD-1012)

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Various - The Jazz Piano (MCD-1012)

"While Duke, Earl and Mary Lou are masters of “stride” piano, the dean of “stride” pianists is, without a doubt, Willie “The Lion” Smith... Charles Mingus commented, after hearing Willie demonstrate the finer aspects of “stride” piano, “Most guys need a whole band to swing like that.” - Billy Taylor, liner notes
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Get This and Listen to the History of Jazz Piano

The "Various Artists" on this album read like the history of jazz piano: Willie "The Lion" Smith, Earl Hines, Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Billy Taylor and Charles Bell. The occasion was a piano workshop on a Sunday afternoon at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival in 1965, obviously a time when giants still walked the earth.

The original album contains only ten tunes. This CD reissue contains all 19 performances, newly remixed from the original three-track masters, adding new material from Smith, Williams, Taylor and Bell. The concert is now presented in the order in which it was performed.

Each pianist performs solo or with bassist Larry Gales and drummer Ben Riley. Earl Hines duets with Ellington on an improvised blues and with Taylor on "Sweet Lorraine." The concert closes with a blow-out version of "Rosetta" with Hines, Smith, Williams, Taylor and George Wein sharing two pianos. A one-of-a-kind event.

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  Fantastic Piano Jazz
I am so happy to finally have this concert issued uncut and with fantastic sound. The closest thing to being there! Everyone acquits themselves nicely here but I must single out Billy Taylor and Charles Bell for playing way above their level. They truly sound like they belong in the company they are keeping. Taylor's version of "I'll Remember April" is particularly memorable given the propulsive swing of Larry Gales and Ben Riley behind him. In fact, as a rhythm section, Gales and Riley really astound. They push everyone! Get this disc, it is an important milestone in piano jazz. Where else are you going to hear Earl Hines, Mary Lou Williams, The Duke, and The Lion all play together?
This has to be the most sheerly entertaining and enjoyable album that I've heard for some time. At the time of recording, so many jazz greats were around that we perhaps took them for granted. But the passage of time has put this into a different perspective. Congratulations, Mosaic, on digging this gem out of the vaults, and for adding so much material not issued on the original LP. Bob Wright, Hitchin, Herts, UK

Various - The Jazz Piano (MCD-1012)
Various - The Jazz Piano (MCD-1012)
Limited Edition: copies
1 CD - $15.00

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Duke Ellington - House of Lords
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Mary Lou Williams - 45 Degree Angle
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Willie "The Lion" Smith - Contrary Motion
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