Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions (#234)

Mosaic Records Limited Edition Box Set


Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions (#234)
“Many of the performances on this limited edition box set are essential. This is the perfect way to acquire a generous batch of timeless music from the great Dizzy Gillespie.” – Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

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Limited Edition: 10000 copies

7 CDs -  $119.00


Fill Out Your Jazz Collection
With One Of The Music's Originators.

At long last, we have obtained the rights to a cache of music by Dizzy Gillespie, much of it available for the first time on CD, and some for the first time anywhere. And fortunately, for the select group of jazz fans that will snap up this release, the music represents a time in Dizzy's career when he was peaking creatively.

These sessions document unequivocally why Dizzy Gillespie is still considered one of the greatest improvisers in the history of jazz, for his mastery of the instrument, his command of time, his control over musical ideas, and his ability to entertain. He was blessed during this period, which spans 1954 to 1963, with stellar sidemen, unparalleled arrangements, and a surge of excitement for making music.

The small group sessions are the focus of this set, and they contain a bounty of his fine soloing, outstanding arrangements, and deft support players. While he was already considered a veteran thanks to the importance of his innovations, The New Yorker's jazz critic assessed him again and declared that is was "playing with far more subtlety and invention than any time in his past."

In some of the settings, Gillespie shared powerful front line duty; others provided him with support for more solo-spot pyrotechnics. Among the musicians prominently featured are rising star (in 1954) on tenor, Hank Mobley, and the virtually unknown drummer Charlie Persip, who became Dizzy's backbone for close to five years.

As the Verve relationship continued, Gillespie continued to tinker and experiment, commissioning challenging charts from youngsters Benny Golson and Gigi Gryce (who also played alongside the trumpeter). And he continued to solo with coy, playful abandon, at times swarthy and grounded, at other times intense and ruminative, often sweet and sexy, always fiery and assertive, and ever able to locate on the spot notes you can't imagine he has found.

Among the recordings is a 1959 tour de force featuring pianist Junior Mance on "Willow Weep for Me." And an extraordinary guest spot from Johnny Hodges that pushed Gillespie to his own peak of imagination and power.

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation in the set is the work of Gillespie's 1963 quintet featuring James Moody on flute, alto and tenor saxophones; nineteen-year-old Kenny Barron on piano; Chris White on bass; and Rudy Collins on drums. Critics have ranked it second only to his classic 1945 quintet.

The seven CDs which comprise this boxed set showcase include much material that has never been available on CD. Eleven tracks have never been available ever.

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“After his partnership with Parker perhaps this is the best and most consistent body of Gillespie's small group work. Here he was at his most mature as a soloist - thoughtful rather than blazing is perhaps the dominant motif, but he does let fly when the occasion requires. His half-chorus break on Night In Tunisia must be one of his best moments on record." - Steve Voce, Jazz Journal International.

  • Booklet
  • Audio Quality
  • Photography
  • Sample Session Notes
This biography and session essay for this collection was written by Donald L. Maggin, author of “Dizzy: The Life And Times Of John Burks Gillespie” and “Stan Getz: A Life In Jazz.” and a complete discography complete the 20-page booklet. In the age of microsizing our Mosaic Records Box Set booklet has been kept to 12“ x 12“ which allows for easier reading and does justice to the many session photographs included.


Photo Copyright © Protected
Dizzy Gillespie
Included in the large sized booklet are 17 photographs by Chuck Stewart, Popsie Randolph and Francis Wolff among others.


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  I even named my dog "Dizzy"
Just got this one, and it's already one of my favorite Mosaics,one that will be high in the listening rotation. Considering I have 35 Mosaic cd sets,33 lp sets, and 13 select sets, that's saying something. I love the versatility of this set.
  Too complicated for mere hugs
Lots of different facets to Dizzy, not just the be-bop king. It's a pleasure to hear him in so many different settings and with such uniformly outstanding musicians. Thank you Mosaic.
  Dizzy n' Love
My girlfriend told me to sell some of my albums to make more space in our tiny apartment. She made me choose between the Complete works of the Beatles and this set of small group sessions. I chose to keep Dizzy. Then she went ahead and left me. It was worth it though. Dizzy's small group sessions on Verve/Philips is that good.
  Mr. G.
I have about 20 Mosaic Box Sets and this is one of my favorites. One reason is there's lots of variety in the musicians/bands and the music, yet the quality remains very high throughout. Lots of Dizzy I never heard before. What a treat. Highly recommended.
  Dizzy fans should get this or Mosaic addicts!
I fall into both categories, but Dizzy plays great, and I feel he is mostly in top form in this set. The set has a lot more latin that I thought it would, but that is not a negative. Very good sound quality from the first disk to the last--- as to be expected from Malcolm Addey. It doesn't get as much play as other Mosaic sets, but I am glad that I have it!!!
Fun set. A pleasure to explore disc to disc - what a range of talent!
DIZZY LIVES!!!! Beautiful stuff! Get it guys!
  What a reminder!
It's too easy to become blase and lose sight of just how magnificent Dizzy's music was. In this set, he is heard performing magnificently in a wide variety of contexts, and with some superb supporting groups. Dizzy's big-band work during this period was, of course, superb (both the great 56/57 band, and the 60/61), and this material is already readily available on CD. (But, when, oh when, is someone going to re-issue the New Continent album?? Surely something for Mosaic to think about - come on, Michael!) Dizzy's small group work was equally brilliant, but much of it has not been readily available. Thankfully, this set has put that right. Bob Wright, Hitchin, UK
Take away all of Gillespie's work with Parker and take away his Big Band recordings and he would still be among the jazz greats. Part of the reason is his playing on these recordings. Although this music is overshadowed by his more famous sessions, this box set presents a great trumpeter demonstrating an extraordinary range of stylistic mastery.
  Great Set
Dizzy is magnificent!
  Interesting compilation, superb sound
Dizzy mostly plays very well in this collection and most of the recording quality was good to excellent. Enter Mosaic's typical value-add -- superb remastering! Hats off and hats off again, because some of this stuff was out previously on CD and it sounded not so good. Malcolm Addey is a remastering engineer par excellence. And the same can be said of Dizzy as a trumpet player. The latin-tinged material is particularly fun, the sessions must have been a blast. The live recording from the MOMA was restored with great care and now sounds very good. Dizzy was still vibrant and interesting in this phase. Great stuff!
  Dizzy, A.KA. BEBOP
According to many of the legendary sources , Diz is to be credited as the one who facilitated many of the magical relationships which led to the development of Bebop (and all of its out-growths). Even Max Roach himself said that Dizzy was the one who brought many of the masters together - asking Bud Powell's mother for permission so Bud could join the band with Bird, telling folks about Fats Navarro and later Clifford Brown, going to Cuba and bringing back all of those rhythms and concepts. It's possible that because of Dizzy's extra-charismatic nature, people tend to overlook the breadth and scope of his genius in every area of the music and music business. It's so great to have this set and to re-live one of the richest periods in American history.
There's so much good music! The bands are wonderful, and it's such a joy to hear Dizzy playing so well in so many different settings. What a master!
  Fills a Gap in Dizzy's Career
Often the first listening to a Mosaic box set is enough to to tell me that it is a great addition to my collection. In this case, I had to listen to the entire contents several times before forming an opinion. Ironically, the earlier six sets are, in my opinion, the best even though Dizzy had some State Department big bands with which he toured internationally during this period. After that, his chops seem to be a little out of shape. The bossa nova pieces are interesting, but lack the mystique of Stan Getz' work. The Double Six of Paris vocalese pieces in French sound dated and unconnected with the band. Having said all this, the album is a very good compilation of the small group work of Dizzy and many other great musicians. This material has been virtually unavailable in any form for a long time. One of the greatest jazz artists deserves to have all his work for the public to appreciate. As usual, the extensive essay and photos in the accompanying booklet, as well as the sound, are excellent.
  Tour de Force
What incredible versatility! From the ridiculous (Swing Low Sweet Cadillac) to the sublime (most everything else), this set is all over the board stylistically, but held together with consistently top notch playing. One of my favorite sets ever. “Theme from Exodus” particularly grabbed me, taking a schmaltzy original and making it swing. Then again, everything Dizzy does swings.
  Great Playing
Dizzy tended to sing or talk too much when playing, but when he picked up his trumpet, the playing was nothing less than amazing. Fortunately, we have more of the latter on this set. Simply great!! Mosaic did it again.
  Be Bop is in this Box!
First off I entirely concur with the review below. Diversity - a wealth of great music. I've owned this set since it was released and mainly bought it for the later '60 quintet recordings, however today I put on disc #1 and I've been in be-bop heaven! The great tracks with Hank Mobley and the wonderful compositions and arrangements by Gigi Gryce and Benny Golson for the octet. Thank you Mosaic, this is a set that I'll especially treasure.
  Great Set
Just like Louis, Dizzy's sense of humour and playfulness always shines through.
  Great Set. Dizzy's most interesting material
I highly recommend this box set. There is a wealth of material here. In particular discs 4 and 5 issue for the first time on CD Dizzy's classic Latin/Brazillian recordings with Lalo Schifrin ('New Wave', 'Dizzy on French Riveria', and 'An Electrifying Evening With'). The set has a wide variety of material and instrumentations. You really get a little big of everything that Dizzy did with this set.
  This set proves Dizzy didn't ever "lose it"
Yeah, there's the simplistic view that Dizzy was all bebop and then "lost it" or "went soft." Nope! The variety and intensity of this music is testament to the fact that Dizzy GREW all through his middle age and into early old age. And his chops were still iron-clad deep into the 60's. Consider this -- Dizzy was actually FIRST with the Brazilian thing, but he was advised (by none other than Artie Shaw) to sit on the tapes so he had some cards left under his sleeve. Bad move -- he was late on the bossa nova craze. True story, buy the set and read the booklet.
  Wonderful compilation!
I owned some of this music on vinyl in the 60's and I believe that Dizzy was playing at his peak. By the way my hearing was good too and with the aid of the fabulous remastering here it's even better now! I love this set. Thank you Mosaic.
  The review below is inacurate and objectionable
This kind of tastless drivel gives a false impression and does not objectively help anyone in deciding whether this is a good set or not. How can you negate Dizzy's great musicianship which continued after the '40's both in big bands and small groups?
  Dizzy lost it after the 40's
The complete output of Gillespie's recorded music at his peak in the 40's (be-bop + big band + Bird) is not more than 3 hours and is not part of this obsolete compilation. Recommended for deaf jazz listeners.
  Match made in heaven
Please, please make the Gillespie-Mobley pairing available as a single. Mobley at his best "is" the best. The middleweight champ of the tenor wears better than anyone else on the instrument.

Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions (#234)
Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions (#234)
Limited Edition: 10000 copies
7 CDs - $119.00

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